For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's a Zoo Around Here...

Plotting the course... they all had their own ideas of which way we should go and what we should see...
Momma Otter and her babies(twins) born this summer... A Monkey...??

More monkeys.... Stroller buddies... Mia had fun riding beside her friend,but she didn't stay put very long...too much to see and explore...

Three beauties...

Look what we found... a slippery lizard... Our picnic lunch... Send in the clowns??... They were in silly moods...Do you have a boyfriend,N...? Levi thinks he has a new "gewl fwend". Mandy thinks she needs a "baby" sister...

Meet Stretch... the kids love this giraffe. He has been there favorite since our first zoo visit in this area when we moved here 6 yrs ago.

Kisses anyone???

"Hey, where did all those kids go...and just what did they do with the crackers they were feeding me?"

What do a bunch of boys do when they get together... act very strangely? ...full of silliness?... do daring acts of courage?... all of the above?.... They were contemplating if they could get into the bear or fox bring one home for a pet?...NOT

A ZOO...not really(well sort of), but I just liked the creative title to go along with our fun trip to the zoo this past week. Some other moms and I joined ranks and took the kids to the zoo. It was a beautiful day, and we had a fun filled time exploring. The big kids got kind of crazy silly and just had a fun time goofing off. The little ones each found their favorite animals, and they enjoyed walking throughout the zoo finding other animals they liked. It was interesting to hear their conversations as they ranked the animals they liked from very best to the least. In addition to finding the animals,my kiddos were supposed to be exploring the plant life around the zoo. Our zoo has many different and beautiful garden areas. The groundkeepers take great pride in their care and upkeep of these beautiful grounds. Our science studies are on botany this year, and we were on the lookout for monocots,dicots, and angiosperms(know what those are?). Mom ended up taking lots of pictures of plants/flowering plants for the kids to add to their science notebooks. We had a picnic lunch out on the playground/park area, and then returned inside for a bit more exploration. We just had a blast being out in the near perfect weather. We made our way home about mid afternoon in order to get Mandy ready and off to dance class. All the kiddos were tired and in bed early...Mandy was wiped out...By the time I returned home from my ladies bible study,everyone was in bed and asleep for the night. I could hardly believe it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This and That

We decided to make a weekend road trip back on Labor Day to see Brad's family. We were traveling to his sister's home and made a stop to pick up grandma,so she could ride with us. We had a great time just hanging out and playing in the swimming pool. On the return trip,when we took grandma home, the kids begged grandpa for a ride on his new scooter. They were full of smiles as they rode up and down the street. Nolan was big enough to ride be himself and quickly got the hang of the scooter (maybe a scooter might be his future mode of transportation?). ...and everybody knows that Brad had to take a turn at it...he thinks a motorcycle would be more fun.
We enjoyed our weekend, but the new week brought even more school work. We have spent the week studying hard and getting our house back in order after all the summer travels. It sure makes for a quick week...

Levi was grinning from the minute he got on the scooter. He laughed and laughed. Don't you just love that grin?!
Nate was a bit apprehensive, but he didn't want to miss out.

It wasn't so bad...Mia was all smiles...(remember, she is my "biker babe")Garrett is ready to ride... Nolan looks pretty comfortable... he's gonna want one... Brad taking his turn... "Let's get a motorcycle..." Levi decided he needed to fix his cousins hair(after swimming). He brushed and upswept, and he even named his hair design..."the Dolphin".
Nolan is "perfecting" his back flip off the diving board
"Cousining" around the swimming pool...
Levi is contemplating his next dive... a front flip,maybe?
Elvis is trying to decide if he wants to swim again. He made a dive in the pool earlier...loved the swimming,but...he got a bit frightened trying to find his way out of the pool.