For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wild Olive Tee Fundraiser

There are just 2 days left on our WOTees Fundraiser. We are not sure where we stand on the number sold, but we are praying for a successful finish. The fundraiser ends tomorrow June 30th. Don't miss your chance to get some fantastic tees. These are super great, super comfortable and some of the most durable tees I have ever owned. They are beautifully designed and have scripture quotes imprinted on the tee.
Did you know that for every tee you purchase we receive money towards our adoption fund?
If we sell 1-49 tees, we get $7.50 per shirt sold, and if we sell 50-100, we get $10 per shirt sold. Won"t you please help us reach our goal of at least 50. 
 The ladies at WO are very generous with helping adoptive families and give generously to orphans and orphan ministry organizations around the world.
...Love,love,love Wild Olive Tees and the wonderful ladies who have such big hearts for the orphan.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

On It's Way...

Our I800A arrived in the mail just shortly after lunch today. I quickly scanned it (with the help of my hunky hubby... I am so computer delayed, but he always patiently, well sort of patiently, walks me through the steps), and I sent it to our agency. We have already received word that they are sending it out for the authentication today. So, we are now praying that authentication goes extremely fast and that we can be DTC (papers on their way to China) by next week. Thanks for praying! WooHoo...One step closer to bringing our baby boy home!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Almost ...

First a shout out to the wonderful ladies who work at our agency,Faith International...they have been on top of everything and have been helping us with these new steps in the adoption process. They have been in constant contact with the USCIS to find out where we stood in the process,gently nudging where and when they could do so.We love working with these ladies!
We heard from our agency today that the USCIS has approved our status and the approval is in the mail. Our agency was hoping to convince them to email it so that we could get started on the authentication of that last paper we need to be DTC (papers "Dossier" to China). Unfortunately they would only snail mail it, so we wait. We are not going to make the date we needed to; however, our agency feels that we are going to be close enough that things will go without any major problems. We ask for your continued prayers that we can get the paper, have it authenticated,and all our papers sent to China in a timely manner. We would appreciate additional prayers that China will grant us a grace period and accept our paperwork even if it is a few days late.  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well... about our paperwork

The news isn't good, but it isn't bad either. Brad called about our paper this morning. The person he spoke with indicated that our file has not been assigned an officer as of today;however, it was indicated that our date was being reviewed today and that our file should be assigned someone as of today (that's the good news). The person we spoke with was unsure how quickly our file could and would be reviewed, but he felt that we could potentially expect the approval next week. Brad was told that the fingerprints cleared (hooray!!). Now we pray that the paper will be in our hands at the beginning of next week, that we can rush authentication, and that the dossier(that's our paperwork) will be on its way to China by June 27th.
Thank You all for praying! Please continue to do so (and while you are praying will you also lift up the next $3500 we need in this adoption process)...our God can and will move the mountains!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pretty, Pretty PRINCESSES


Loving to Dance

She loves,loves,loves to perform

She brings joy to our hearts and smiles to our faces

Her favorite...Tap Routine to Burning Love by Elvis Presley

Mandy girl's tap

Jazz... Is that a smile ?...

She was rocking her Jazz Routine

...and then, our gorgeous Ballerina (this was rehersal night)

Prima Ballerina

Yes, Her routine made this momma cry...

Mandy was selected to do a "solo" part...she showcased the twirls and leaps they learned this year

Oh my! How I love to watch this girl dance!!

Let's Hear It For the BOYS!!

Coach...the Daddy Man

He is Down and Ready

Ready, Set...Out

Ready for the Pitch

It's Outta Here...

Big Boy...Last Year of Little League... Hello Babe Ruth

Left Field...

Waiting on the perfect pitch...

It's That Time of Year

The past week was one of the busiest of our year... and yes, this is an annual ocurrance. We are entering the ending weeks of baseball, and it was the girls "dance" week. This year our Princesses performed in 2 seperate recitals, which meant 2 seperate dress rehersals and a full day of dance recitals for our family. On top of the rehersals, we had ball games running every night during the week. Often times it gets hectic, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We love celebrating our children and all the growth and accomplishments they make each year.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Please Pray

We are trying to wait patiently, but...
We need our paperwork from Homeland Security...
It hasn't been all that long since we got our fingerprints done (May 3rd) least not by the estimated wait times... but...
We must, must, must be DTC by June 27th! Our Toby is a special focus child, and our agency doesn't think that China will give us an extension...we need that one paper, and we need a little time to get it "authenticated" ...
Our agency called Homeland Security last Monday and our case hadn't even been assigned an officer yet.
Please Pray with us... Our God is mightier than any government!!
Thank You!

All Good Things Come To An End

Alas, Team Ten's adventures came to an end last Saturday, but not before a mini adventure took place. We have friends that live out Kansas way, and we haven't seen them in what seems like forever. So, when it was time to return our 4 extra treasures, we would be taking them to meet their parents at the airport ...out Kansas way. We were excited that we could combine the trip and get to spend time with our firends! As Friday afternoon rolled around, we had the van packed, the kids loaded and we were off on our weekend adventure. The J~crew was scheduled to arrive at the airport around 10pm Friday night. Our plan was to take all the kiddos (making a total of 16 at one house) out to our friends where we would have supper and let the kids play. At the appropriate time, we would all go to the airport to welcome home the J~ crew and their precious baby girls... and to return the 4 precious treasures they loaned us for two weeks. As the story continues,  we are driving, and we are about half way to KS when we get text messages that the plane has landed at the first entry into the U.S.. Team Ten is cheering, and we are saying a prayer of thanksgiving for safe travel, and for two precious babies who are now American Citizens!  Then, about 30min later, another text arrives, the J~ crew will not make their connecting flight. After a series of text messages and phone calls, we determine that we will continue as planned except that the 4 precious treasures will remain overnight with us at the hotel, and we will then meet their family at the airport at 10 am Saturday instead of 10pm Friday. No problems there;however, we have to break the news that they won't get to see momma and sissies until the next day. I was a bit worried about the kids reactions...needlessly... the kiddos rolled with it (as they have for the entire two weeks) and their "upset" was offset by the fact that they could sleep at a hotel.
Delicious Dinner Ms Tami and Mr Chris!

Levi  looking after Little "K"

Princess Mia and Princess A~

The Welcome Committee

Mommy's home!!

Precious babies

Precious Family

Lunch together...

Yummy BBQ!!!

Mia's Favorite Dessert

Stealing Sissy's Dr.Pepper
We enjoyed our visit with our friends, and Princess Mia got to hug, play and visit with her beloved "A". Only wish we could have had more time there. We are making plans for the girls to get special time together this summer.
Our weekend turned into a truly remarkable adventure, and we are so grateful for the memories and special bond we made as team ten! We already miss the kiddos and the fun...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Playing in the Creek (Pt 1)

Surfer Girls

Nate, you aren't pushing your brother into the water are you?

Gathering stones

Splish Splash

This is as close as little dude would get to the water...

10 Ants on a Log?...

Picnic Time

Nolan found a Turtle ...

Getting a "little" closer to the water

Mia's version of a Boogie Board
Sunshine and warm weather means we head to the creek for a picnic and some water fun!

Playing in the Creek (Pt2)

Buckets O' Fun...

Three heads are better than one


Monkey See...

Monkey Do...

Really!...This is better than Air Conditioning

I can get wet all by myself...thank you very much!

Definitely Double Trouble...

How many kids does it take?

Bucket head