For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Month in Pictures...part 2

Our Church's Christmas Play:
Nate chose to do a speaking part in the play. He was a "city" kid, and he did a fantastic job!

Mia had a speaking part as well! She was a "city" announcing the arrival of the famous singer Rae-d-ence coming to the city . She was quite animated and did a great job! 

The "City" Kids Choir. Can you see Levi there in the background?

And then, there were the precious "Country Angels". Love all these sweet darlings so very much! But..., the one in overalls has my heart!

All the performers!
 Toby's Preschool Christmas Party: 

All of his classmates sharing their Christmas treats.
"I am going to break this thing open!"...Pinata Fun!

"Look at the tree I made, momma!"

Toby and his "besses fwend"
Christmas Cookies:
Anxiously waiting to frost the cookies...

Some of the finished products

Christmas Day:

We tried to steer our Christmas away from lots of gifts; however, with lots of kids there seems to be lots of presents.

The kids are opening presents from their Grandma, Grandpa and their Nana.

Two of Toby's favorite gifts... Monsters, Inc.!

Garrett showing Nate his gift that he had asked for...

Levi's Nerf of his favorites

Mia looking at her stocking gifts

Nolan and his girlfriend... she got to spend Christmas Evening with us. Nolan is wearing his gift from "Santa". He asked us for a chain and picked this one.

A month in Pictures...part 1

Well, we made it through another crazy month at our house. I still remain somewhat in denial about how fast a month can go by when you really aren't doing anything amazing...just living life. Maybe it has something to do with our living life in the moment. We just enjoy each day to its fullest... doing our best to work on and complete things that are necessary for our large homeschooling family. I, personally, love to just sit back and take it all in. I love watching my kids in "action" doing all the things they do whether it is school work, playtime, or family time. I know that my time with them will be oh so short, and I want to treasure each and every moment! Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry and lots of times we fight, but we love this chaotic, messy, mixed up family and would not trade a moment of our lives together! We cherish the time we get to spend together and the love that we share.

              Basketball Practice and Games:             
Nate decided to try basketball this year. He is playing on a homeschool team. He loves the sport and since this isn't a very competitive team, he is enjoying the time that he plays.
Nolan has aged out of the baseball program here and so, he has taken up basketball. He is playing on a homeschool team as well. He really loves the sport and is playing well.
Garrett is playing on the same homeschool team as Nolan. He is liking the sport as well. Just look at those moves!
              Snow days:
Our first snowstorm of the year... it arrived a few days before Thanksgiving. The snow stuck around for a few days and then melted away.
Snowball fights
Making a snowman
Family Visits:
The snow left and the cousins arrived for a fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend. These are the cousins from momma's side of the family. We are missing 3 of the kiddos; sure wished they could have been here.
These two... always been close and love to be crazy together!
The "girlies"
Toby was quite taken with his cousin Ryan. They had so much fun!