For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, July 28, 2008

They're Off...

We sent the big boys off to camp this week. They were so looking forward to going and were beside themselves with excitement. I think they were a tiny bit apprehensive about being away from home, but the excitement won out. I do miss them when they are gone. My big boys are growing into such wonderful young men. Most days they are respectful, polite, and kind to everyone(notice I did say most days). They love being around their siblings and are such a great help to me.
The little ones and I will have a fun filled week of hanging out at home. We are going to play in the sprinklers and kiddie pool a lot. We will probably break out the sidewalk chalk and playdough as well. As for mom, I am still trying to get boxes unpacked, things put away and the house straightened and cleaned. We are blessed that Brad can work from home several days of the week; however, there is a problem with this. The problem: I get very used to having him around. He can help with the kids when his schedule permits, and I can get lots done. This week he has meetings all week and will be out of the house. I guess I will just have to survive like most "normal" moms do. Maybe, just maybe, I can squeeze a little housework in ...

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Trip to Little Rock....


Manly MEN!!! Watch out guys!!... A Shark is approaching...
See Me,Momma?!!!The littles....Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting some more...Almost time... "I think I am ready..."

Before...(this is after PhaseI)After...(Phase II is done)Leaving the Hospital...

As I mentioned in a previous post, Mandy had Phase 2 of her Ear Surgery on Thursday. We made the trip to Little Rock the night before, and we arrived just in time for the kids to swim at the hotel pool. I remember how exciting it was to go to a hotel when I was little... because we got to go swimming. True to kid form, my kiddos were beside themselves with excitement. They enjoyed the pool so much and did not want to get out when the pool closed at 10pm. We promised that they would swim again before we returned home (unfortunately Mandy wouldn't be able to after her surgery). We spent most of Thursday at the hospital. Mandy's surgery got off to a late start, but she did so well and is recovering quickly. She had a little harder time with discomfort this go round. It was not as invasive as the last surgery, and should not cause her as much pain. We think that maybe she is growing more secure with us and that she is learning to be more vocal with her feelings.This really is a big step for her, and we just reassure her and comfort her. Once she was up and about she was released from the hospital. We returned to the hotel where the others went swimming. She put her feet in the pool for a bit, and then she and mom returned to the room for some fun with paper doll/stickers.
Our trip home was uneventful but seemed long. I think we were all just very,very tired.
I was getting excited last week and was hoping to report that we would close the sale on our old house this next week; however, we got bad news today. The contract fell through yesterday. It had nothing to do with the house really, but the couple that were buying it ....had a fight and are split up at this point(apparently they were boyfriend and girlfriend... and he was buying the house for her). ughhh!!! So, we would appreciate your prayers that our old house will get another contract and sell quickly at this point. The good news (and definitely a God thing) is that an appraisal was done on the house (for the now defunct sale). It appraised at $20,000 above our asking price, and it passed FHA standards and a termite inspection. It certainly puts our mind at ease knowing that even as old as it is is still in "good" condition.
I'll keep you updated...


I don't know what it is like at your house when you pull out a camera, but at our house whenever we get the camera out someone always has to act "goofy" for at least a portion of the pictures. Here is a sampling of the silliness in our house.

The Many Faces of Mia

As Mia approaches 4 years old, her personality is beginning to shine. She has such a wonderful sense of humor. We had a terrific time taking these pictures the other day, and I just had to share them. Mia is filled with such JOY, and she fills our house with love and laughter.


Mandy made it through her surgery with great ease. She is recovering nicely and is so excited about the progress on her ear. We are heading home now... More details later.....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have lots of things to blog about and promise to do so soon. We are in Little Rock for the next couple of days.Mandy is having Phase II of her ear surgery tomorrow. The surgery is scheduled around noon. It will be a day surgery with no long-term stay in the hospital, and compared to the last one, a "piece of cake". Even though we know that it is a much easier surgery, there is still something very unsettling about sending your child into the care of surgeons. Please pray that everything will go well, and that Mandy will recover quickly.
I will try to post tomorrow and include some really cute pictures I have taken over the last few days.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nothing Much... happening here. We are just unpacking and setting up our new house. In addition to that, we are closing out the old home and cleaning it up. As hard as I tried to keep it clean, moving turned it into a great big mess. I still have to shampoo the carpets (probably part of this weekends agenda). There is still no real word on the contract. We did find out that it had passed termite inspection, and an appraisal was done. No information has come forward on the appraisal, and we haven't, as yet, signed the counter offer contract (a verbal acceptance to our counter offer was made). Our realtor seems to think that this is a good thing, because we are able to continue to show the home in case something should happen(which we are praying won't) with the present contract. It is all being done a bit differently than homes we have sold before... I am trusting God in the details and letting Brad handle most of the business side.
Brad is involved in the Little League All Star tournaments taking place in our town this week, and the kids and I stay at home most nights. We may try to go to one of the tournament games(the boys are begging to go), but it is very hard to keep the little ones interested for very long. Our big boys didn't make it to any of the teams playing, but it has inspired them to practice more. Our new yard certainly helps. Everyday they are able to spend outdoors, and everyday I see them working together on their baseball skills. Brad and I took a walk around "our property" this morning . Our kiddos were all outside playing with "Elvis,the puppy", and this momma's heart had to just sing!(Sorry no hubby and I were holding hands (: )
Well better go work on unpacking some more boxes...
I hope you all are having a terrific week!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Celebrating Freedom

God Bless America!
Uncle Brad (Daddy to Mia) and our niece(21mths)Our Proud Americans (the littles...The big un's were to busy playing on the new acerage)Grandpa scootin' on Nate's scooter... even the grownups(well maybe grown) got in on the fun!
Grandma having a great time with her grandkids...
"Mount Teaky Soaky"...this sprinkler is tons of fun. It sprays a fine mist and then erupts like a volcano with a stream of water...which brings on tons of squeals and laughter.

Ready for the Slip N' Slide...whose ready to race?
The fan club... The cheerleaders....
We had a fantastic fourth! It was nothing spectacular, and we did not do much. It was just so incredible nice and low key that it turned into a wonderful day. We took a break from the moving thing and just had fun with the kids. Brad's mom, dad, sister(all the way from California) and her kiddos came to spend the weekend with us. We put out the Slip n' Slide, our Mount Teaky Soaker(a fun water sprinkler) and a kiddy pool. The kids played outdoors all day. Brad spent a lot of time trying to get a fire started in our new fire pit... so the kids could roast hot dogs and marshmallows. I missed it as I was preparing the food inside, but he reports that they spent less than five minutes, trying to roast their hot dogs, before they were done with it. I think they were too excited about all the other fun things to do...and it was a little warm. Maybe that is an activity we will have to save for the fall!? We grilled hamburgers for the grownups. After a good meal, we went outside to shoot off a few fireworks that Brad and the boys purchased. We cheered their efforts and enjoyed the display. We were all too tired to make a trip to the city fireworks display, so we opted out of that tradition this year. ...have I mentioned how much I love my new house and yard!!
I am so blessed to live in a country where I am free!!!
Enjoy the pics...

P.S. Please remember in your prayers a dear friend whose dad passed away this week. She is rejoicing that he has gone to his heavenly home, but still grieves the loss of a loved one.