For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Fun Day...

Ready for a day of family fun... Would somebody let me in so I can see,pleeeeeassse??!!
That's really a shark's egg?
Two VERY HUGE beavers...the tail of the one on the right was the size of a plate
Viewing Rays...
One of the many varities of jellies...
Mia and Levi loved the "Nemo" fish...
Trying out the shark cage...
The big boys and the hubby have been having "hankerings" ( a Texas term) for a Whataburger...most definitely one of the best hamburgers. Unfortunately, we do not have a Whataburger in our part of the world. So...since it was a holiday weekend and daddy was off tomorrow, we decided to take a day trip to get a hamburger. Are we the only ones crazy enough to make a two hour trip for a hamburger? We went to our early church service this morning, and left right after to head out. We made it in time to have our hamburgers for lunch. and then...
Actually we added a trip to the aquarium into our plans. My mom had gifted us (for Christmas) with money to purchase family passes to two places. Our first selection was the zoo and then we decided to use the second for a pass to the aquarium. We may only use it once or twice more, but believe it or not, it will more than pay for itself in 2 visits. The kiddos enjoyed their visit so much that I am sure we will use it as often as possible. Some of the favorite spots at the aquarium were the shark tunnel, the river life area (aka, some seriously huge beavers), the jellies, the octopus (Levi's favorite), and the crustaceans. We were impressed with the areas that allowed the kids to touch and feel, feed and view up close many aquatic animals. Although it was very crowded, the kids got a chance to see many of God's creatures and view some of His most amazing artwork. As we were viewing the several different species of fish, corral, and starfish, I could not help but marvel at the uniqueness of each one. How amazing is our God?
After spending a fun afternoon, Brad treated us to dinner. We enjoyed Asian food at Pei Wei. It was pretty good, but I think PFChang's is better (of course the price matches the quality). There weren't any complaints from our gang. The kids sucked up their noodles, rice, chicken, shrimp and such. We had to finish it off with fotune cookies, of course. Then we made the return trip home. The kids are such good travelers that it is actually fun to take them on trips.
It was such a fun day and such a blessing to have family time. We just might have to plan another family trip soon.

Playing in the Creek

We completed our homeschool lessons for the 2009-2010 school year on Monday of last week. After working so diligently for the entire year, we were more than ready for our summer break. We celebrated by hanging out with our fellow homeschooling families. We were invited to lunch and fun on one day. Thanks Ms S for inviting us over for a fun end of school party! The next fun day, we spent playing in the river. Our Homeschool "group" found this fun park that backs up to the river. We made a visit last year, and so enjoyed our picnic and fun in the sun on that day. We decided a return trip was definitely in order. So when the date was set, we were more than excited. The threat of rain was in the forecast, but we were blessed with a beautiful day (even though it was a bit muggy). Playing in the water and exploring was the first priority; however, it didn't take long for hunger to set in and picnic time was on. After nourishment, the big kids took off and the littles stayed close to mom. The littles played and played in the creek, pouring water, wading at the edge and exploring all the aquatic life. The older kiddos ventured further out and spent much of their time exploring and creating adventures (hence the lack of older boy pictures...they would rather avoid the camera if they can anyway). We are looking forward to a few more trips out to the river this summer. It is so relaxing for the moms and the kids have a blast getting wet and just being together. Stay tuned for further adventures of the homeschool gang...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thank Heaven For Little Girls...

Mia's tap dance was to the song..."My heart Does a Little Dance" Beautiful to "A Lovely Night"
Mandy's Tap Dance to "Shake Your Groove Thing"...she was very concerned about appropriate dance moves to this song. She need not have been because it was very tastefully done...but you gotta love her heart... My eldest Beautiful Ballerina.... it makes me cry every time I see her do ballet...just gorgeous!Having fun being beautiful...
Mandy's ballet was danced to "Fly to Your Heart"

This past weekend was devoted to our "Dancing Divas". The weekend began on Thursday night with the arrival of family. All of the kiddos were so excited that Uncle J and Aunt L and their girls,along with grandma, would be coming for a visit. It was one of the rare times that the kids cleaned and worked to get the house in order without complaint. Friday brought a little family time, and then dress rehersal. Since it is a trial run, mom had to get the girls dressed in costume including hair and stage makeup. With Aunt L's terrific help, the girls were ready in plenty of time. We headed to the dance rehersal and left the remaining family members to prepare two of the boys for their ball games ( and one even had pictures that night). Both ball games were being played at the same time, so I for one was very grateful that grandma and other family was willing to step in and take our t-ball player to his game while daddy coached our eldest. Late night brought the arrival of more family. Nana, Aunt C and cousins arrived just in time for bed. We saw them the next morning for a large breakfast and even more family fun. The girls recital was scheduled for early afternoon which meant that we had to cut the visiting short to prepare. Thanks again Aunt L for helping with hair and makeup once again. The girls were so excited! We arrived early enough to check the girls in and find great seats. Friends met us there... our girls had quite the fan club this year. The performances were so beautiful for each of the classes. I love to watch our girls progress, and even daddy commented on how much learning and growth both girls have made. This year you could just sense that they had fun! They were smiling and dancing their hearts out. This years recital was a bit sad too. One of the girls favorite teachers is leaving the studio as she and her husband are moving. Ms H will be missed a great deal by my girls...they love her so! We look forward to a summer break and then the girls will be more than ready to join their classmates again for another year of learning dance for 2010-2011. My girls are such beauty's and I just love to see the joy that dance brings to their hearts. God has blessed them with great talent in this area, and it fills my heart with joy to see them worship Him with this talent.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meet the Newest Member...

"Stick em up"... She loves to pose Studying with N...she spent many hours this week studying Pre-Algebra and learning about WWII...One smart kitty!
An adoring fan... she found a cozy lap to cuddle in... She thinks she might find a snack under the table..come to think of it she just might...always something dropped by this crew...
Just plain ole' adorable...

Ask Jasmine what she feels about a "new" cat in the house?.... This sweet thing is one of my Mother's Day gifts. She is 8wks old and seems so very tiny. Last year we were given the news that our sweet kitten "Rorie"(short for Princess Aurora)had FIV and had to be put down. It saddened our hearts because she was such a sweet tempered, very loving cat that made her rounds to love on us all. She captured ALL of our hearts. Now, I am an avid cat lover(yes, I openly admit this in spite of opposition from lots of people). I have always had a cat or kitten since I was a little girl. My favorite cat Muffin died at the age of 19. It is hard not to grow close to a pet who you have had through several phases of your life...highschool years, college, dating, marriage and having your first child(she and Nolan were best buds). So for many years now, I have wanted a cat(my own cat), and my loving hubby obliged. She is a "rescue" kitten adopted from a local organization that operates through our favorite pet store. She came to live at our house the Saturday before Mother's Day. The kids claim May 8th as her "gotcha day" (can you tell we are an adoption family?). It took several days for this baby to recieve a name. We tried out several on her...Ariel, Cupcake, Sunshine, and on and on. The name Violet stuck for a while(Nolan's cat is named Princess Jasmine)...but We (no I) was undecided. Then Brad said "Biscuit"...because I had Muffin and now Biscuit. So the name Biscuit has stuck. She is adorably cute and cuddly. She runs and plays,then jumps in a lap and falls asleep cuddled next to one of her adoring fans. She "loves" school and cuddles up just in time to hear stories being read, math work being done, or grammar being finished. I'm not sure how she is going to take it now that school is out...her adoring fans will be spending many hours outside and away from her. Come to think of it...maybe I will get more time to love on MY CAT!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Levi !

Today is Levi's special day. He has been so excited about this birthday and has been making plans for it since Garrett's birthday last month. His excitement at having a celebration is only surpassed by his being thrilled to turn 6. He thinks he is a "big" boy. Momma wants him to stay her "baby" boy just a little while longer. Each and every day I realize that that time grows shorter. It has been slightly chaotic planning a party time during the baseball season, but I think we have it down. We aren't having a big party this year;however, he has chosen to go out to eat seafood and we will have a chocolate baseball cake(his special request). Since we have games both tonight and Friday night, we're making it a lunch time party.
...Now about our "big" boy... It is so very hard to believe that Levi is six years old today. He has made great strides emotionally, socially and academically. We are so proud of his success at sharing feelings and emotions. Although not easy at times, he has opened up and is learning to accept our instruction and to trust us with his care. He loves so very deeply, but is a bit reserved in giving that love out to just anyone.We are so very grateful for God's blessing of this little boy. We love to watch him play with his siblings and the way he just fits in with all of our crazy clan. We have taken such joy in watching him grow into a very thoughtful and caring young man. He is always willing to serve and to do things for others. He ask often to help his momma with a variety of task. He loves to praise and be praised for his accomplishments and beams with pride when on the receiving end of a compliment, especially when it comes from his daddy. Levi is still an avid baseball player and loves nothing more than to be out on the ball field playing ball. He is growing into quite the athlete and definitely has been gifted with the talent to play baseball. Bet you can't guess who is ecstatic with that fact?
He is learning to make wise choices and to store good things in his heart. He loves to attend church and Sunday school. He continues to grow in his walk with Jesus. We are so very proud of this adorable, adventureous, active and sometimes ornary little boy. We look forward to watching him grow into the man God intends for him to be. He is just precious, and we love him so! Happy Birthday to our handsome boy!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


O Sovereign God, who is at work in this world, enable me to speak your word with boldness!!!

[6] Jesus answered, “I am* the way* and the truth* and the life.* No one comes to the Father except through me.* [7] If you really knew me, you would know* my Father as well.* From now on, you do know him and have seen him.” John 14:6-7

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Mandy!!

It's the big 10...double digits! Our sweet Mandy girl is celebrating her day. On this given day of Mandy's birth, I cannot help but reflect on her life. Oh, How I wish that we had known her as a baby... gotten to see her first step, hear her first word, and surround her with the love she so deserves. Reality is that we weren't given that chance; however, we have been blessed with loving her now. God lead our hearts to hers, and He is growing us together as a family. I stand amazed at the changes and growth that we see happening in our girl. She is growing closer to us, finding her place in the family, and learning to express her feelings in appropriate ways. As time moves forward, she is learning to trust us, and we are watching her change before our eyes both physically and emotionally. Her passion is for dance, Ballet! She works hard at her studies and at her dance. We cannot wait to see how God will lead her to use her talent for Him. She is a talented, graceful, gentle, beautiful young woman. We love you our Mandy girl!