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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Celebrating Freedom

God Bless America!
Uncle Brad (Daddy to Mia) and our niece(21mths)Our Proud Americans (the littles...The big un's were to busy playing on the new acerage)Grandpa scootin' on Nate's scooter... even the grownups(well maybe grown) got in on the fun!
Grandma having a great time with her grandkids...
"Mount Teaky Soaky"...this sprinkler is tons of fun. It sprays a fine mist and then erupts like a volcano with a stream of water...which brings on tons of squeals and laughter.

Ready for the Slip N' Slide...whose ready to race?
The fan club... The cheerleaders....
We had a fantastic fourth! It was nothing spectacular, and we did not do much. It was just so incredible nice and low key that it turned into a wonderful day. We took a break from the moving thing and just had fun with the kids. Brad's mom, dad, sister(all the way from California) and her kiddos came to spend the weekend with us. We put out the Slip n' Slide, our Mount Teaky Soaker(a fun water sprinkler) and a kiddy pool. The kids played outdoors all day. Brad spent a lot of time trying to get a fire started in our new fire pit... so the kids could roast hot dogs and marshmallows. I missed it as I was preparing the food inside, but he reports that they spent less than five minutes, trying to roast their hot dogs, before they were done with it. I think they were too excited about all the other fun things to do...and it was a little warm. Maybe that is an activity we will have to save for the fall!? We grilled hamburgers for the grownups. After a good meal, we went outside to shoot off a few fireworks that Brad and the boys purchased. We cheered their efforts and enjoyed the display. We were all too tired to make a trip to the city fireworks display, so we opted out of that tradition this year. ...have I mentioned how much I love my new house and yard!!
I am so blessed to live in a country where I am free!!!
Enjoy the pics...

P.S. Please remember in your prayers a dear friend whose dad passed away this week. She is rejoicing that he has gone to his heavenly home, but still grieves the loss of a loved one.

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Jill and Rick said...

What a WONDERFUL fourth of July!! & you know that I'm already admiring your outdoor space!