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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meet "Hot Chocolate"...aka Coco

Long Story made short... Nate has been begging for a dog for well over a year now(not just any type dog...but a Boxer). So, when we went into the pet store(to get food for Elvis) we somehow ended up with a new puppy. Every Saturday is pet adoption day at the pet store. Nate asked if he could go look at the surprise there... . He zeroed in on the cage full of puppies and went over to pet them. His puppy picked him out, and when Brad and I saw that it was a boxer/shepherd mix, we were very torn, and ultimately unable to say no. We had discussed that we would allow Nate to get a dog in the future. We had had many discussions with him about pet care responsibility, thus we knew that he was prepared...but was he old enough?. We decided to allow it knowing that we might have to help a bit. We looked at each other and proclaimed,"We Are Crazy!" She has amazed us with her quick learning, and she is super loving and sweet.We have learned in the last day that she is almost crate trained(she will go in with little fuss),almost potty trained, and sleeps well. We are working on "NO Bark" she barks a lot when she wants to be with people. She is extremely well behaved as long as she is in the room with us. When in the crate, she barks if she hears others moving about the house;however, she sleeps if the lights are out. It will be interesting to watch Nate and his dog.


Kim said...

Awwwww how precious! Your pictures made me smile....seeing the kids run with Coco.

I can see Nate being very responsible with his new buddy.

More kid and Coco pics please :-)....just too sweet!

Love love love you ALL!

David and Sarah said...

He is adorable!!!

Jill and Rick said...

SOOOO sweet! The puppy is adorable and the fall pics of the kids with the puppy are priceless. (and yes, teeheee, you guys are crazy, but in a good way!)


Just Me said...

Super cute puppy...congrats Nate! I LOVE the pics of the kids running with the puppy.