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Monday, July 25, 2011

"Girlie Girl" Reunion

Three Amigos

Meeting New Friends

Swimming in the early morning hours

Playing games when the temps soared past 100 each day


Riding Big Wheel Cycles

The Gang
This past week, we took a trip to meet some of Mandy's orphanage friends. We all decided to meet at a Campground near St Louis, and we had planned this several months ago before the unbearable heat hit the mid-section of the U.S.. So, we braved it and made the most of our time together. It was HOT, HOT, HOT!!! One of the families rented a double wide trailer that they had available at the campsite. The trailer became our meeting place for meals and to pass the hotest parts of the day. The kiddos enjoyed swimming, riding "hot wheels",playing miniature golf, playing board games, coloring, watching movies, and just hanging out together. The grownups got a chance to visit and share our stories.Oh... and did I mention eating... we had some great food cooked by chefs from each family...Yum Oh! As for the friends, well, we hardly saw them the whole weekend. They spent lots of time talking, doing hair, chatting, and giggling as girls will do. We missed one of the friends a whole bunch...The amigos just weren't complete without Miss J~! Looking forward to our visit in August J~! 


Kim said...

I can not get over how grown up Mandy is. She is GORGEOUS!!!

Reunions are so much fun!

Girl, we miss you too! When we were going to Canada in June our plans were to stop by and see one of Tate and Elliott's friends that live in MO and then stop by for a surprise visit with the ChiliPeppers (we would have given you a little warning :-) but that all changed when Vivi's passport came in a week after we were suppose to leave.

I hear Texas calling your name...hehehe.

Give all the kiddos a hug from me.

Miss you and love you!!!


McNew Family said...

Kim, looks like you guys had a great time! I just saw your comment on Jean's blog - it looks like we are on the same timeline - DTC Jul 7 and LID Jul 12th! Come on LOA!

Jill and Rick said...

FUN!! & all 3 girls are just beautiful!