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Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Day of School

School Bus is Here!

Someone is excited about something ,at least...breakfast "to go"

Not excited about school (nor getting up early)

Yeah ! There is one in the crew who is excited about the start of school!

Yes, One of our crew is missing. The older "girlie girl" stayed with her cousin for a couple of weeks and started school later.

The very handsome bus driver

Uh!Oh! Wonder what these two did on the bus ride? (No...the bus driver is just a cut-up)
Our school year began back on August 22nd. Our days our filled to beyond capacity, and I am just now getting around to posting pictures. Our beginning of school would not be the same without our annual schoolbus ride. This year the driver took the students to get a "to go" breakfast, not the most nutritious, but fun just the same. True to each year, some of the crew was excited to start the year, and some of the crew would rather sleep in a few hours later. In spite of this, the day went by quickly with all hard at work. We look forward to a great year filled with lots of hands on, interest filled learning!

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Susan said...

Fun times! Hope all is going well. I've been wanting to call you and talk about the 200. We've already skipped a couple of books! Really enjoying it though, me even more than the boys!