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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Nate!

How, oh how did this baby boy become 10 years old!! It just doesn't seem possible. Our sweet Nathaniel was born this day 10 years ago. He survived all odds! You see Nate was a twin, and about 5 weeks into the pregnancy, I miscarried the twin. My doctor cautioned us that often when one twin miscarries so will the other. Praising the Lord that Nate beat those odds! Praising the Lord for this precious boy, who at 15 months underwent a major emergency surgery, and survived 3 surgeries before he was 2 years old. We praise our amazing God each and everytime we kiss and hug this precious child, a precious gift from Him.
Nathaniel, or "Nate" as he likes to be called is a very quiet, tender hearted child. He loves to play with his friends, but he can find an equal amount of enjoyment in just spending time alone. He is kind to everyone he meets, and he loves with every ounce of his being. Of all our children, he is the one who has so easily made the adjustments as we add more children to our family. He befriends his siblings almost immediately, and it isn't long before the love and bond has grown immeasurably. As quiet as he can be, he still defends the weak and any causes he deems worthy. He is almost always calm and mild in manner; however, if  he feels that there is an injustice being done, he will fight. He defends his siblings no matter the cost to himself. It is such a joy to watch as he matures (and this momma has to confess, I am in no hurry for him to grow up). He is developing a sense of humor and loves to laugh. As he gets older his interest are changing. He has developed an interest in baseball again, and he is telling his dad that he wants to try playing again next season (you know his daddy is happy with that!). He still loves to give and receive hugs, and he loves nothing better than to have quality time with his momma and daddy (even just watching a movie together). I miss the baby boy he was, but I am thrilled with the young man he is becoming. I look forward to watching all that God has in store for this wonderful young man.
Nate at 5wks old

Nathaniel Adam  (NATE)
Happy Birthday Nate! Your are truly a treasure and precious gift from God!

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Happy Birthday Nate!