For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Teen

We are now parents of not one but two teenagers in our family. I am trepidaciously looking forward to the teenage years. Both my teens are growing into amazing young men who want to serve the Lord and who love helping others. They show respect and obedience to us and to everyone they meet. Dare I say it...They seem "easy" at this point (Of course, G has only been a teen for a day, but he did survive those hideous preteen years and for that matter we did too.).
Garrett at 2yrs old

Garrett at 13 years old
This weekend Garrett ...aka.G-man (since he won't let me call him G-baby anymore)... celebrated his exciting milestone by playing paintball with a bunch of the guys. The gloomy, rainy day broke away to some sunshine, and the guys were able to play some rousing games which were made all the better by the added mud! Then it was home to eat tacos,burritos and birthday cake. I had a houseful of preteen and teenage boys...and yes, I am so glad that I learned a long time ago how to cook for large crowds. They consumed some large amounts of food!
Today, the official day of Garrett's birth. We celebrated with church this morning, sharing lunch with church friends and then he selected his choice of restaurant for dinner tonight. We topped it off with a visit to the frozen yogurt place which was his dessert of choice. It was a perfect way to celebrate with G-man his special day.
Happy Birthday to our Garrett! You came into this world in an amazingly rushed way (born 2 1/2 mths early). You were a fighter and grew strong against all odds. Funny, you remain a fighter... a fighter for what you see is fair and just, a fighter for the weak and needy, a fighter for Jesus. I am in awe of the young man that God is molding you to be... a man sure of his steps, a man with great ambition, and a man with a wonderful, caring, tender heart. Your dad and I love you and look forward to watching you continue to grow in your life journey. We know that God is going to use you for amazing things!
Happy 13th Birthday!!

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