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Monday, May 21, 2012

Toby's 3rd Birthday...First Ever Party

Since I am playing catch up on past activities, I thought I would go in chronological order. The month of April and May are filled with Birthdays and "Gotcha" days at our house. Toby's birthday(April20th) was exactly 5 days after Garrett's. Two weeks following that Mandy celebrated her 12th birthday, and two weeks after that Levi celebrated his 8th birthday. Whew, we have been partying!
Toby's Birthday:
How do I even begin to describe the blessing of this precious child?! He is definitely a gift sent from God to our family. He is precocious, tender, loving and filled with joy. He doesn't love lightly or haphazardly. He is so excited to be a part of a family and loves, loves, loves! It brings happy tears to this momma's eyes everytime I see him interact with his brothers and sisters. There is never a time that he doesn't have hugs for all of them. He makes me laugh because he has developed a bedtime ritual of hugging each brother and sister, and he refuses to lay still until he has given each a separate hug (of course, I do realize that he is developing a "stall" tactic, but for now is precious). He reacts in very similar ways when he is apart from the kiddos for a period of time. He has to account for the whereabouts of each child and give hugs all around. Toby has an equal amount of love to share with his parents as well. He still finds daddy for the most comfort, but he and I are developing a strong bond. He hugs  tightly and desires help and comfort from me when daddy is unavailable. It isn't much different than what I experienced with all our boys at certain ages. It makes this momma's heart full to overflowing that they love their daddy so and that they have a daddy with which to share many boyhood experiences.
Since Toby has never had a birthday party (or really any recognition of his birth), we planned a big party. Toby has come to love Mickey Mouse and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We decided to transform our home into MM Clubhouse for a morning. We had fun making games, designing mazes, and decorating.  His older brother designed a yard maze that the preschoolers could all run through, and he insisted on making "giant" MM ears to put on the roof of our house (it had to look like the clubhouse). Each sibling was excited to be "hands on" helping with his party. When we saw the huge grin that stayed transformed on our precious boy's face, it was worth every minute and every dime spent! He laughed, giggled, ran, played, and blew out his birthday candles with gusto!
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this beautiful baby boy that God gave to our family! Happy Birthday to our Toby!
What's a party without food?... and it isn't MM clubhouse without ...?

Momma made the cake

Can you see the big ears on the roof?

The maze

"Oh! Toodles!" (a hunt to find Toby's present)

Look at that smile!

Ring Toss

Parachute Fun!

His favorite...hide under the 'Chute'

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