For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Day at the Park

The "Big Uns" climing on the rope bridge...
Can She make it?....

Nate and UNDERDOG to the rescue... He very seldom leaves the house without a dog in tow. UNDERDOG taking a rest "under" the bridge...
Older brother playing with the others... or is he "pestering"?...Can you tell that the "princess" is getting hot?
Well today turned out to be kind of crazy in our household, but then what else is new around here. It is what makes life so much fun! We had to be out of the house today, so we went to a local park. The kids seemed to have a good time playing. We even ran into a church friend and her boys. Nate was very excited as one of the boys was on his Tball team and in his Sunday school class. The morning started out beautifully and then progressed to extrememly hot. When we all could stand the heat no longer, we returned home only to find that the people had not made it to see the house. They wanted to see it at our lunchtime. The kids were hot, hungry, cranky and not very cooperative. We decided that they could look at the house with us in it (of course, when it was all over mom thought it was a big mistake). At the same time, the lady that we bought our new house from called to offer moving boxes and to talk. I felt so bad that I had to get her off the phone (she sounded as if she needed to talk). The kids all gathered around the poor woman who wanted to see our house. Do your kids do that...have to see what everything is all about and get right in the middle? We are working on that, but the girls are really bad about it...they just stand and stare. The same lady had looked at the house the night before, and wanted to see our "crawl space basement". The selling agent was unable to open the door last night. Brad had left it open this morning, but I had Nolan close it as I thought they had already come through(kind of surreal...Nolan was closing the door as the phone rang). We had such fun struggling to open the door(it sticks because we repainted the floors in that room). It turned into one of those "Calgon could you please take me away" moments. Apparently we weren't too much out of sorts, she made an offer ... we have to see if we can work out the stay tuned.
P.S. Oh... and a Lady Bug joined us at the park...Do you think it might bring Good Luck?

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Jill and Rick said...

Oh Kim, I'm just laughing (with you, right?) at your post!! I'll definitely be watching for details on the offer - how exciting!!

We also went to the park yesterday morning, and we also had a ladybug visitor! No worries, Rick, I believe this round of ladybug visitors is for our Wrigley - yours could be for Elvis!

I wonder if Nate will be ready to leave Underdog at home and bring Elvis along next time?!

Anyway, loved the post and the pics!