For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, June 2, 2008

Some House news...

A picture of the new house... we will have to post a better one after our closing date.
It looks as if we are officially closing on our new house on June 10th. Hooray! However, the seller has asked for some extra time to move out. She is an elderly lady with health problems, and (I believe I mentioned before) her husband passed away during the process of selling their home. She is trying to finish and close a chapter in her life, and we aren't extremely rushed to move in. Our official move in date will be July 1st. AND...
We may have a contract on our current home. I say "may" because there is a hitch... we had an offer on our house Saturday, but the buyers are wanting a contingency contract on selling their current home. Logically, we want to say no...we can't take our house off the market for the summer months but.... In my opinion there is more to it. Let me digress a little... Saturday morning we were awakened(we were sleeping in a little...ok I was) with a telephone call. Before Brad could even tell me , I knew they were wanting to show the house and soon(1 hour to be exact). So, we rushed through our morning chores and were out the door. As I was making the final check, I prayed over every room of the house and ask God ferverantly for a buyer on the house who would fill it with the love we had over the past few years. I prayed that a contract would be offered on that day. Guess what? God answered.... Saturday evening our agent called.
Our first reaction was ...No Way... and no we can't do the contingency... but that decision didn't give me peace... as a matter of fact ...I felt as if I were slapping God in the face, and there is a little matter of trust...trusting in God...letting him have control.
So, we continue to pray and will make decisions this week....really I think they have already been made ... What do you think?


Jill and Rick said...

Oh Kim, I am so excited for you guys! I completely understand your feelings on the contingency (NOOOooooo) and then the "Wait a minute, . . . " Keep us posted!


blessedbeyondmeasure said...

Glad to hear things are coming along just as planned (God's plan, right?) :) And yes, I suffer from the same trust issues from time to time! We will be praying it goes smoothly!