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Friday, November 7, 2008

Adding to the Craziness

Well we have added to our madness. We now are the proud owners of not one but two new pets. Nate,"the dog whisperer", decided that he would like to try his had at rabbit raising. When we went out to friends a couple of weeks ago, they were giving away a dwarf rabbit. Nate spent most of the morning charming that rabbit. He begged to take it home, so I (being the good wife that I am,haha) defered that request to his dad. He called his daddy and got permission to bring it home. The rabbit came with a large cage, so he lives outside in the barn(warm weather) and in our closed in porch(cold weather). Nate is very responsible with his pet care, and he feeds,waters,changes the cage, and loves that rabbit. He is just so great with animals.
My wonderful hubby came home the other day after visiting the "vets" office(sometimes we buy pet food there). He was as excited as a little boy telling me about this kitten he almost brought home. I reminded him that we had a cat, and that we weren't going to add more,right?!I could tell by the sparkle in his eyes that he liked this kitten. I had never seen him react to a cat in this fashion(he claims he doesn't like cats). We had to make a trip to a pet store to pick up food for our cat, a leash for the puppy, and everyone of course had to check out the kittens up for adoption. None of them were of interest. I had wanted a kitten(for me), an orange tabby(my old cat had died several years back). Today while going on an errand, we just had to stop by the "vet's" office. Brad wanted to check and see if the kitten were still there. The kitten(4 mths) was still there; it was spayed; it was free to a good home, and I just had to come see it. ...and so, we have a new kitten. She is a cutey pie(not so much in look as in personality). Her name (at least as of now) is Princess Aurora, and we call her Rorie(or "Woorie" to Mia and Levi). She and Princess Jasmine,Jazzy Cat, met this afternoon, and for now they are tolerating one another. I really think we must be insane...

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Jill and Rick said...

Laughing at your menagerie, Kim! It seems to me that you and Brad have built a wonderful, loving family and your kids are going to remember these days forever.

(& I'm glad it's you with the bunny, not me!)

Do your kids enjoy the kids' Marley books? We now have two of them and my girls love them now that we have Wrigley!