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Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday ,Nolan!
Nolan(with Mia) ...age 9

Nolan(at the Tx St.Fair)...age 5
When Nolan was an infant,people would stop me and comment on how I should enjoy every single moment with my baby. They would say,"just don't blink or he will be grown". Well,somewhere along the way I must have blinked. My eldest baby is 12 years old today! I look back over those years and just wonder where they have gone.
Nolan is growing into a fine young man. His kind,compassionate heart continues to make us proud. He has been an amazing big brother and has readily opened his arms and heart to all of his siblings. It still brings tears to my eyes as I remember his reactions to all of his siblings,most especially the day his first baby sister joined our family. The day Mia was brought to us(Nolan went to China with us), he was beside himself with excitement. He was able to immediately connect with her, and you could see the love he instantly felt written all over his face.He and his baby sister continue to have an extremely close bond! He is a natural born leader and teacher. He patiently instructs,guides and nurtures all 5 of his siblings. Nolan chose to take Jesus into his heart at an early age. Baptized at the age of 6,he has never looked back, and God has grown this young man's heart. He loves to learn all that God has in store for him, and sometimes his spiritual maturity surprises me. He continues to excel academically and loves to research and learn. He has developed a wonderful sense of humor(wonder who he got that from?), and he keeps us all laughing. He continues to grow in physical stature, as well. Nolan is topping out at 5'4.5" at the moment, and eats like a horse (he can eat 6 hot dogs at one sitting). His voice is now changing, and he has the beginnings of a mustache.This mommy has been having a very hard time with my baby growing. It has surprised me how emotional I am feeling over Nolan turning 12...why 12? why not 13?. I can only attribute those feelings to the fact that he has made so many social,physical,developmental,and emotional changes over the last 6 months that he doesn't look or act like a baby boy any more. Wow!...and I still have so many more momma moments to go through with our gang...I think I might just turn into one big emotional mess(haha)!
Happy Birthday Nolan! Momma and Daddy are very,very proud of you!!

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Momma Hen said...

Happy Birthday, Nolan! It is such an honor to have known you for almost THREE years now! Wow! You are an amazing young man and it so wonderful to see God working in your life (even if it is from a distance of too many miles...). I happen to think that God has given you a very godly man to emulate for you the kind of man you should desire to be (good job, Brad!) and has gifted you with a nurturing, loving and passionate mother to help light the path before you (Kim - you rock!).
We are blessed to know you!
Love - Ms Tami, Mr Chris, Ashleigh, Austin, Amy-Hui, Anna and Abraham