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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...

Levi was so excited about meeting his family, and he was more than ready to go!
The food spread...this was only the main coarse. There was a bread and snack table and a dessert table as well.Papa and his four daughters...Papa and his eight grandkidsPapa and his 15 great grandkids(can you tell the girls are slightly outnumbered) Levi ...ready for a picture taking session
Mia was so excited about her "curly" hair. My sister curled all the girls hair for the photo taking session. Don't you just love it?
My rowdy crew...
They all came tumbling down... Such Fun... Having daddy swing you high in the air...Again, daddy, again!

Well, I cannot believe it has been so long since I have blogged. Our life is just one big bunch if "busy"ness. We spent a lot of time before Thanksgiving preparing for our big trip to Texas. We piled on a lot of school work so that we could take off the week of Thanksgiving and just enjoy fun times with family. Brad and I also worked on a "Big" slide presentation to be shown at our family reunion/Thanksgiving. We sorted through the equivalent of 1300 family photos(Oh the memories). Brad put together a photo/music slide show that showcased our entire huge family. It turned out beautifully(if I can brag a bit). My husband is very talented, and we had a great time doing this project together; however, it took many hours of time. The kids even enjoyed watching it over and over to help us critique it. We packed and left for Texas at the beginning of last week. We got there in time to visit and enjoy family. It is always so much fun to watch my kids interact with the cousins. It is a little thing I like to refer to as "cousining". They may not see each other for months or even years, but when they are together, it is hard to seperate them.
The reunion was a lot of work on many peoples parts. My aunt organized and planned a wonderful event for the whole bunch of us. I believe with all the families present, we had 38 people in attendance. As always we had a big spread of food including way too many desserts. There was lots of cooking, laughing, dancing, singing, picture taking and lots of love. We celebrated family with the slide show presentation. There was much laughter and many tears as we took our trip down memory lane. We all loved seeing the times gone by and laughing at fashions and how much we had all changed.Perhaps the only bittersweet thing was seeing loved ones who have journeyed to heaven before us. We miss them so (my daddy, an uncle, and my dear grandmother). My dear papa was worn out by the end of it all, but he had a smile on his face and never once tired of giving out hugs. It brought a smile to my face to see him up and active at the age of almost 94. We spent the next several days enjoying fun events with all my family, and I took every opportunity I could to visit and spend time with my papa and aunt. We had a very busy,fun filled, terrific time.


Debbie said...

Love the new blog look!!! Can I come spend a day with you and have you teach me how to redo my blog??

Jill and Rick said...

Kim, your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful!! & with your papa, at 94, being surrounded by his family and all that love, it sounds like you all had much to be thankful for.

Love all the pictures and love the Christmas blog page!


connie said...

I LOVE the pictures! Yes, it's been a while because the kids have definitely grown! And I love your 'new' bloggy design. When you have a minute, please email me - I have questions.
Hugs from OK!