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Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Days

Looking out across our front yard... The Snow Gang...minus Nate
Beautiful Snow Bunnies

Look,Momma! I found an ? Icicle.

Most of the pictures I can get of the older boys....full of sillinessA group effort to build a big snowman...they all got tired and quit before he was finished.
A Battleship...
Mandy's "littlest snowman"
Since we homeschool, snow days aren't nearly as exciting for our kiddos. We stay the coarse, and we school each day even if the weather is bad. However, Our kiddos do love the snow. So, when school work was finished, the kids bundled up and headed out the door. (Nate wasn't feeling so great and opted out of the cold,wet fun. I thought he made a wise decision... we really would like to avoid as much sickness as possible.) The other kids had great fun. They played their "annual" snow football game. This year they had a much wider space in which to play. They explored the snow and built many creations including a snowman and a battleship. I love to see their creativeness at work! I spent only a little time outdoors with them, taking pictures most of the time. I kind of opted out of getting too cold and wet. We are expecting more snow in the month of February, and if that comes about,maybe I will join in on the snow fun then!
I really love the beauty of snow. Everything,even the ugliest tree, becomes beautiful under layers of the glistening white snow. I love to see my kids run, slide, play and laugh, but I hate the "bundling" up... the piles of wet clothes,shoes,mittens, and hats. Most times it takes longer to get them ready to go out than they actually stay outdoors. Does anybody have any suggestions to make this easier?


Kimi said...

Brrrrr....the snow is so beautiful and kids love it...but I don't do well in the cold. I hope for one Winter blast of snow and then bring on Spring.

Your kids are so adorable...they were having a ball!

Love you,

Susan said...

Hope everyone is staying well and enjoying the melt away!