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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some days...Some People

So... today after church, we took the kids to eat lunch at our favorite Mexican food place. The following is a conversation we had with our waitress...
Waitress: So,are they all yours? (to which she proceeds to count 1-6)
Us: Yes all of these children are ours.
Waitress: So, where are "those" three from (Refering to our Asian born children)?
Us: from *********,MO
Waitress: No where?
Us: They were born in China, and we have adopted them.
Waitress: Well, where are their parents?
Us: UMMM.right here...we are their parents.
Waitress: No, where are their Chinese parents?
Us: (trying to be understanding....there was a language barrier...her native language was Spanish) These children were orphans. There are many reasons why they might have been available for adoption, but we may never know
Waitress: Which ones of these kids are "yours"?(WHAT??!!!!)
Us: They are all our children!!! Three of which were born to us and three of which we have adopted, but THEY ARE ALL OUR CHILDREN!!!!
Some days... Some people.....sigh....
Then while shopping for some clothes...
Levi: "Daddy, why does she(referring to the saleslady)have "it" in her nose(she had her nose pierced)?
Daddy: "Levi, that is a piece of jewelry."
Now Nate:"Oh, I thought she had a "BB" stuck in her nose,HAHAHA"
Saleslady:"Oh I always have little kids ask me that...and if I had known how painful it was,I wouldn't have done it"
Then...Saleslady:"Are they twins (refering to Mia and Levi)?"
Us:(because we are a bit sarcastic at this point) "Yes, they are twins...he was born in May, and she was born in August."
Saleslady: "Oh, I would've guessed they were twins. They look exactly alike"
Some days... some people... Gotta Love IT....


connie said...

Yep, gotta laugh or you'll go crazy!

Jill and Rick said...


On the twins/triplets comments, my girls and I have a little game. We decide to keep count of how many people ask us that while we're out shopping, etc., and the girls just try not to laugh as the number climbs!