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Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Beach Vacation

About Mid-August,we had the opportunity to take a family vacation to Ft.Morgan Beach (Alabama). It turned into a fabulous vacation, and we had the extreme pleasure of sharing it with family, some by biology, and some by God's design. One of the many blessings of being an adoption family is the people that God draws you close to and gives you the honor of sharing this journey. Many years ago, we met a wonderful family that has been such a major support to us, and over the years we have shared many of the trials and joys of life. In fact, we considered them just part of our extended family!  We convinced them to share vacation time with us, and we were so priveleged to have this time together. Brad's sister and her three girls joined us to make the time even more special. In total, we had 19 kids, and 6 adults (shh! We didn't tell the kids that they out-numbered the adults!)
It was a crazy, chaotic, "busy"time, and yet, it was very peaceful and rest for some weary souls. It is hard to describe the compatibility that all of our children share. We spent a week in a very big house, with all those kids. There was little to no arguing, and we had fun watching the kiddos pair/group up to play and have fun together. The older kids pitched in to help with cooking, cleanup and doing the mounds of laundry throughout the week. The grownups were even able to sneak away for an evening out because of the kindness of the "college"grad. and the teenagers. We shared some fabulous meals and lots of blessed fellowship. 
Father God,You blessed our weary hearts,minds and souls! We are so grateful for this time of fellowship, time of refreshment, and time of reflection. We were filled with wonder  at all your hands have made. We rested in the beauty of your creation and the magnificence of your beaches and mighty oceans. We stand in awe of your GLORY!
        The View Outside From the Beach House

                                                                  This is what the kids spent most of the week doing!
Nolan played his guitar for us from time to time!

The Mom's occassionally were able to spend some time on the beach, but...
 We spent a great deal of time in one specific room...trying to keep this crew fed...
 We were able to see the Blue Angels taking their test flights. It was fun and oh so very exciting for certain little boys in our group!
 This was the back of our very large beach house that was perfect for our very large crowd!
 Our clan with three of their cousins...
And then there is the whole crew...YEP, 20 Kids (Well 19 and a recent college graduate)
And Here is Our Crazy Crew...

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connie said...

Oh, this brings back the fondest memories! It was such an enormous blessing, and we thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts! To see God's splendor and share sweet fellowship with your precious family was amazing! We love you guys...and we miss you!