For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, February 27, 2015

Long Time No Write

My blog is severely neglected!!  We have been busy decluttering and packing up non-essential items.  Our home is on the market and has been for sale for almost a year now. Brad has been working at his new job a year in March. We get asked all the time if we are still moving. The answer is Yes, when we sell the house. We never dreamed that it would take so long to sell our current home. We have watched many houses that we liked in our new town sell, but we are still waiting here. The truth is nothing is selling in our current place of residence. We know that God has this, and that He will sell our home in His perfect timing. We just have a difficult time waiting, and it is hard on my hubby making the drive to and from work several times a week. Your prayers are most definitely appreciated.
       In addition to waiting, we have been busy with doctor appointments and surgeries for our treasures. This has been the year of operations for us. We have been working with orthodontists and oral surgeons to repair our sweet girls cleft palate. It has required a first set of braces, a bone graft surgery for the hard palate and a palate extension surgery. It looks as if there might be one more surgery on her upper palate. Our princess has been such a trooper through it all. She acts as if the surgeries are an everyday occurrence, but hates the idea of a blended diet once again. We have to add a tarsal coalition to the surgery count. Our Nate developed one on his right ankle and tried physical therapy first, but it was still painful for him to walk any length of time. So, it was off to surgery. It went well, but required an extended recovery: two weeks in cast and on crutches, 4 weeks in a boot and another go at the physical therapy. Add homeschooling, basketball practice and games, and everyday busyness and there you have our life this year.        
         On a Happy Note: We are so excited that for the next two and a half weeks we will be taking care of the "Kkrew". We were so honored to do this two years ago, and we have been given the blessing of taking care of them this year as their parents are traveling to China to bring another precious baby home from China. We are so excited for them, and can hardly wait to see that sweet boy in the arms of his parents. I know that I will be blogging a bit more often over this time period as the kkrew's parents will want to hear all about their daily happenings. I hope that I can be better at blogging in the future... I love to write and miss recording life events.

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