For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let the Good Times Begin...

    Our Adventure taking care of the Kkrew has begun. The beginning was a bit rocky...we had planned out that we would arrive before C.,C.J., and the girls left. We had thought it all out with the Kids and I arriving early afternoon, and Brad arriving after work that evening. Our plans got thrown out when the weather decided to dump another 2 inches of snow on us and winter weather hit every area across which we had to travel. (You know, the best laid plans of mice and men..) We are very thankful that it was short lived, and we were able to head out the next day. We are also very thankful for people who filled in for us the first evening.
      We made it to the house a little before the bus arrived with the kiddos. It was fun to be there and surprise them as they got off the bus (the squeals of delight and the peals of laughter between the kiddos...well, that makes this momma's heart sing) , and it was almost instantaneous that the kiddos paired up and began to play outside with gusto (in spite of the temperatures being 45 degrees...and,yes, they had jackets on). They played, played and played some more only coming inside just before dark. Dinner was made easy by the wonderful support of Kkrew's church family... they are bringing dinner's every night that we are here... love, love, love this precious church body!!! We finished that first evening doing homework and then off to bed for an early start the next morning. The next day, the majority of the Kkrew was off to school. Our kiddos had some school work to finish, and then they were off outdoors (they love the trampoline). They were slightly bored waiting for their friends to return from school. Once the bus arrived, Levi and the K-boy were "glued" together playing outside, building with Legos and getting into boy mischief. Those two are best buddies! The girls all gathered together playing, riding bikes and chatting. Mandy was the sought after "friend" by the little girls, and they had her fixing their hair and pulling her around everywhere they wanted to go. She is good with them, and it helps me when my attention is needed by others.
       We are missing our big boys, as they are staying at home working and playing in a basketball tournament. They seem to be handling their time at home well. It is hard to believe that they are old enough to stay alone. So far they are showing great responsibility (Nolan said he even cleaned his room this morning :) ) We are missing their humor and fun-loving spirit.
               We began today with a big breakfast and then the kiddos were off to play. They alternate playing outside with coming inside for bits of time watching movies, playing games. and looking at books. We are just hanging around the house today... it is such a beautiful day with the promises of spring .
         This has turned into a long post, but I wanted to share all the fun. In addition, I know that the Kkrew's momma and daddy are grateful to have knowledge of how their babies are doing here. We enjoy so very much our time spent with them!  
 There are no pictures at the moment because I haven't gotten the camera out; however, I promise to take pictures in the near future. It is always amusing to see all the kiddos in action.

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Connie Johnson said...

Love this post, Miss Kim! Thank you so much!!!! Yes, we have a pretty amazing church family!!