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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Day

A Picnic Lunch on Saturday... Playing in the river... Can you say, COLD? Brrr! Brrr!...
What's with the faces??....... I think they were shivering
They really do love each other.... well most of the time
Spy Kids...Three
Skipping Rocks... I think Nolan won the game...
Mom won this one( testing the boundaries).... she wasn't very happy with me...
Checking out the fish hatchery... Rainbow Trout anyone?

Kids in a tree... we have a family portrait from 6 years ago in this same tree, Nolan was 6, Garrett was 4, and Nate was almost 2... our family sure has grown since then.
In spite of many chores needing to be accomplished on the homestead, we chose to take a family outing on Saturday. It was so nice to get away and just enjoy our time together. We drove to a nearby State Park and spent the day playing in and around the river. We feasted on sub-sandwiches,chips,fruits and cookies. Brad bought a watermelon for us to share, but much to the kids disappointment it turned out to be a "dud". We will have to try again later on that one! The boys played football until they started hitting everyone around..."not everyone wants to play boys". We thought it time to find our next adventure and took the kids to a wide shallow swimming area in the river. Brad braved the water with the little ones and found the water to be a bit cold. None of the kids seemed to mind at all, and they stayed in for an hour or so just splashing,wading, and exploring. As that adventure concluded, we went exploring the fish hatchery located close to the river. We saw lots of fish in various stages of growth and wondered how many would be caught at this time next year. The big boys were wanting to take a hike up very steep,mountainous terrain. We had made this hike/climb a few years before, and it wasn't terribly difficult; however, we felt it might be a bit harded for the little ones. We were also running out of time. I guess that will be something for us to do on another family adventure. To conclude our fun day, we stopped at a Dairy Queen along the route home and had supper and ice cream treats. We made it home in time for baths and bed. We look forward to another family day real soon.


Susan said...

What fun! We need to go wildcat glades sometime.

Jill and Rick said...

Oh Kim, this looks like so much fun! What park was it at? Our other friends from Joplin just posted pics from a hike at Wildcat Glades (I see that's in Susan's comment too) - is that the same place? I've never heard of it, . . .

I adore the Family Tree picture! (I'd love to see the old and new together in the same post too, . . .)