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Friday, June 26, 2009

Where did 12 yrs go?

Ready to play T-ball.... age 5
Pitching His Last Game... age 12

Isn't he handsome?...
At Bat...
Nolan played his very last Little League game tonight. He pitched his last game, had his last at bat, and played his last defensive position. It really took me by surprise at how emotional I felt about this evening. I remember the tiny little guy who excitedly began Tball and the joy he has found in baseball every season since. As a baseball mom, I have enjoyed watching every game played,and watching his love for the game grow. How can seven years go by so quickly?... I am loving the young man he is changing into, but I so miss my little boy. I can hardly believe that he is 12 and that in a few short months I will have a teenager. ...oh, if we could only slow time at least for a little while.


Kimi said...

Yes, he is a handsome young man and such a sweet boy! He looks like he has grown a foot since May.

The picture of him on your sidebar is PRICELESS!!! It's so Nolan :-).

I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THURSDAY!! We are really looking forward to you all coming!

Love y'all,

David and Sarah said...

Great pictures! I'm thinking the same sort of thing about my Adam who is almost 11. Where did the time go?