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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zoo Trip

After a rocky start to our weather... we had a few thunderstorms roll through...a friend and I took our kiddos to the zoo yesterday. We had a great time and the kids always enjoy a day out with friends. We brought a picnic lunch and spent several hours there. Most of the animals were out and fairly active which makes for a better day at the zoo.

The Gangs all there... can you see the big boys trying to hide?

Our picnic lunch at the park near the zoo. Just "monkeying" around...the older boys were full of mischief and humor... we had lots of laughter and silliness all around
A group photo op. ...
Isn't he pretty momma?
The Elephants were one of our favorites...this big girl was performing for us(really she was just enjoying playtime in the mud, and it must have felt great in the heat). She was blowing lots of bubbles in the water...
...and then slinging water onto her back and body...Watch OUT...or she will spray you too!
Mia and Levi liked the petting zoo. This little goat followed Mia all around, and she petted and loved on it. She decided that we need a goat at our house...umm, I don't think so


Susan said...

We had a fun day! Looking forward to next time.

Jill and Rick said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Hope we can join in next time!