For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My All Star

Nolan as a t-ball player... he has always been serious about baseball (could it be because his name is Nolan?) Nolan as a 13 year old All Star!
Nolan and his Dad...
Last night was supposed to be the first game in the All Star series...
Nolan and Brad (as one of the coaches) practiced night after night for three weeks. Nolan was dedicated to playing for his team. He has always loved baseball, has always played the game well, but this year he has improved immensely...he is really,really good! He was asked to play on the All Star team.
The scenario was supposed to go like this...our boys were supposed to practice for three weeks, play a tournament game on Friday evening, play a second game Saturday evening and if they win 2 out of three, move on to state. Going into this,Nolan (and his dad) knew that they would only be able to play the one game Friday night as they would have to leave for their Honduras mission trip on Sat. early am. Our plan for this scenario ends there, obviously our plans are not His plans.
The time arrives and the whole family got decked out in their "royal blue", support the team, t-shirts. We climbed in the car, watching the weather radar the whole way...the game was in a town about 45 min. from our town. We had no rain, there was only a slight chance of rain in the surrounding areas, so, we traveled on with positive hopes that we could get the game played before any thunderstorms could delay or end the game. We arrived with some really ominous dark clouds hanging over head, but no rain. Is the storm going to move on? Parents get out of cars, boys go to the dugout, and we think we are playing the game. Then, it starts...parents make a wild dash for their cars, and the boys hangout in the covered dugout. Our hope is that it is just a rain shower, and it will pass quickly. No such luck, it comes a downpour, and it rains and rains. We wait it out a while, but the game finally is called... the field looks like a small pond. As we are driving off, the rain stops! No hopes of a game that night because the fields are just too messed up to play.
Nolan doesn't get to play the game after is only the second he has ever been selected to play as an All Star (lots of "politics" in our small town, but that's another story). He is disappointed to say the least! He handled himself very well last night in spite of the disappointment. He was looking forward to playing the game, but he was looking forward to serving his Lord and Savior more. He knew it was more important for him to serve and to enjoy being with the people of Honduras.... he and his dad together. I AM SO PROUD OF MY ALL STARS!!

**P.S. The team will play a double header tonight and if they split the games, another will be played on Sunday. We want our boys to win... let's go to State!

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Jill and Rick said...

Oh Kim, I got tears as I read this. Tears for Nolan's disappointment and tears for Nolan's dedication to serve. You have a fine son in Nolan.