For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mandy's Forever Family Day

The First Picture we ever saw of Mandy
Mandy's Referral Picture

"Gotcha " Day, July 30, 2007

About four years ago, we saw a picture of a beautiful little girl, and our hearts were sunk. We tried to guess from the picture what she was thinking, what her personality was like, and most of all we wondered if she would love us! Three years ago on this day, the sliding doors to the China Civil Affairs office opened and a precious little girl with a beautiful smile slipped out to greet us (we were still getting out of the van). We saw her and knew her instantly even before the beautiful words "Hello father, hello mother" were spoken. She knew her family, and she was ours forever! I wish I could say that the last three years have been easy, but I cannot. It has been a challenge for her and for us to form the bond and attachment it takes to make any relationship. Each day that relationship grows and changes. It ebs and flows just as a tide going out to sea. Many times, I compare it to those first few years of marriage. Learning what it takes to "get along", to "like" one another, to accept each other for who God made us to be. Each of us bringing "our previous life" to the family, and each of us learning the way relationships work. God has grown us all! He has taught us a love like no other. He has taught us to love beyond any love that we have ever known... a love like Jesus loved! In spite of it all, one thing is for certain, we love this little girl! She is ours, and we are hers! Daily we are reminded that God knew the perfect family for her, that He has a plan for her life and that HE is in control! She is precious, beautiful, courageous, tenacious and strong. We love the glimpses she gives us of her heart. We see the beautiful person within and the person God is molding her to be. Thank you God for giving us this child, for entrusting her to us, and for the blessing she is to our family!
Happy Forever Family Day, our beautiful Mandy!!


Momma Hen said...

I will NEVER forget the time I was with you all and Brad opened his laptop to show me the picture of Mandy...

Happy Forever Family Day, Mandy! It's a joy to watch God heal your heart - from the inside out! :-)

Kim said...

Mandy is one gorgeous girl...inside and out! I hope her day was wonderful!

I'm so behind...someday I'll get caught up on my blog reads.

I miss you my friend and your precious fam.


David and Sarah said...

She is absolutely precious! Happy forever family day!