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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Belated Birthday Post for Nolan

Nolan's birthday is the day after Christmas. Not always a great time for a birthday, but the family always makes it a special day for him. We took him out to lunch and then had cake and ice cream back at home. He received lots of awesome gifts including "cool" clothes picked out for him by his teenage girl cousins. Dad,Mom, his sisters, and his brothers gave him a "pocket" digital camera to take on his mission trips.
I usually write a special blog post for each of my kiddos birthday...didn't have my computer during the holiday and then got here goes:

Nolan, my first born, is now 14! How is that possible? Everytime I think about it, I remember the precious baby boy that was placed in my arms immediatey following his birth. I think about that special mother/son bond that was there from the beginning. I think about his cute smile, his fun ways, his joy of life as a toddler, and his amazingly infectious giggle. I think of his first day of Kindergarten, and his excitement at starting school, and the ups and downs of homeschooling him from first grade til now. I think of his sixth birthday when he proclaimed to us "Now I am a Teenager!"...our reponse, "Not for many, many more years!" Where did those many years disappear to? I think about him playing tball, and then continuing to grow in his skill and love of that sport. I think about his devotion to his Lord and Savior. The way that he loves to read his bible, to serve in whatever capacity God calls him to, to proclaim Jesus at every chance he gets. I think about the young man that wants to serve, wants to help and wants to tell others around the world of Jesus' love for them. I think about the terrific Young Man that he is and is becoming...and my heart overflows (usually with tears rolling down my face). God gave us an amazing gift, a child we weren't sure we would ever have. Nolan, you are precious and you are HIS! We love you son...Happy Birthday!!

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Happy Birthday Nolan!