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Monday, May 30, 2011

Good Stuff

Be still my heart... these kiddos are just filling my heart with love and it is overflowing! We have been having such a great time. I have to tell you that it is GREAT FUN to boggle the minds of people in our small town.
"Are these kids all yours?"... just for fun, we tell them "YES!... Isn't it the greatest?!" I love to see the heads turn, and some peoples eyes nearly bug out and necks break as they count and turn to stare. I have wanted to tell them that "Flies are going to get in" as they stare and their mouths gap open. Really, it is FUN!! (Wonder what they would think if the Duggars showed up in our town?)
 Although we haven't done anything extremely exciting, we have enjoyed just spending time with each other...playing games, eating watermelon, going to the park, watching movies, going out for ice cream and so much more...
I have to share some of the wonderful conversations that we have been having around here!
First, we have a  large dry erase calendar in our kitchen that helps to keep this momma organized. To help the K-clan keep track of when their momma comes home, we look at that calendar and count the number of "sleeps" until her return. Each day, as we get closer to the end of their stay with us, they can hardly wait. I know they are missing momma, daddy and their family. We have just so enjoyed their stay, that we hate to see our time end.  So, Ms Kim tells them that I will be so sad when they go back home and that I will miss them terribly. Here is a conversation that transpired between the littlest K , Brad and I before bed.
K: "Ms Kim, my momma will be home soon.";  Me: "Yes, K in several sleeps".; K: "I miss my momma".;  Me:"I know you do and it won't be long now";  Me: " Do you know, I am going to be sooo sad when you go home?", "I will miss you soooo much!"; K: "You can come home with me... you ask my momma, and she will adopt you and you can come live with us."; Me " She would?! I would love that!"; Brad: "But, I have to come too..."; K:" No not you... well maybe, you have to ask my daddy first."...
Oh, my heart... and you know, I know Ms Connie would "adopt" me(us) if I(we) needed a place to call home!
Then there was a conversation as we were getting ready for church on Sunday. We have a pre-teen girl (probably don't have to tell other moms this) that has a interesting take on fashion and that is never happy with clothes we buy her...never,EVER! We had brought her an "island" dress from our winter trip. She said she liked it. It has been hanging in the closet until warm weather. It was warm on Sunday and all the girls were wearing dresses. She took it out, tried it on, and hated it! Brad asked her why she wasn't wearing it. She said, "I liked it on the hanger, but on me it just doesn't look good." The 8 yr old K had been listening, and she responds, "Come on Mandy! We are Asians and Asians make everything look Good!"... You go girl!!
Aside from a little extra,cooking,cooking....laundry, laundry, laundry ... it hasn't been much different than having my six any time. The kids are getting along great. They play well together... they have squabbles like brothers and sisters, but all seem to work it out well. We have just been a big happy family. I really am going to miss them when they return home!

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Jill and Rick said...

Kim, I know you guys have got to be beyond busy, but I know that you really are enjoying having the K kids there too. Glad to hear that you all are doing so well. Hmmm, I think maybe 8 yr old K needs to be around more often to boost Mandy's confidence, ha! Love it!

Miss your family,