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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mandy's New Ear

WARNING: Skip the pictures if you get queezy.
Mandy's ear before surgery
The medicine is starting to kick in...she loved making us laugh. After surgery and now awake in her hospital room (the white cup and head band will be her hair accessories for a few weeks)
Feeling well enough to go home(after 2 nights in the hospital)... well to the hotel for one more night.

Mandy's new ear (the first stage)After.... The tube running from her ear is a drain to keep all fluids off and to help blood flow to her ear. The great and mighty physician was with Mandy every step of this surgery. It is fascinating to me the wonderful skills and knowledge that God bestows upon surgeons. The amazing steps that can be taken to form and repair Mandy's ear are nothing less than a miracle. She is doing so well and seems to be in very little pain and in good spirits. She wants to be up and playing with her siblings; however, we have to keep her still and calm for another week. She and her daddy will take a trip back to see the Doctor on Tuesday. We are hopeful that he will clear her to go to dance soon.{ The dance recital is at the end of May, and Mandy is anxious to participate with her class. }
Mandy will have 3 more surgeries to complete all the steps required. Each step will be scheduled approximately every 3 months. So, if all goes well and in a timely manner, Mandy will have a fully formed ear one year from now. She is excited about her new look, but I think we may have a lot of convincing to make her understand that the next surgeries will be a lot easier than this one. Thank You all for the many prayers and well wishes for Mandy and for her full recovery.


blessedbeyondmeasure said...

We are so glad this first surgery is behind her....she is in our thoughts and prayers! :)

The Dunlap crew

Jill and Rick said...

Didn't need the quesy warning, Kim. Mandy, you've always been beautiful, and your new ear is already looking beautiful too!

Ashlie, Allie and Annie and the rest of us have been praying for you sweetheart!!

Jill and Rick and family

connie said...

So glad the surgery went well and your princess is recovering. Praying for you!
Love from the Johnsons!