For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, April 4, 2008

Our Precious Princess...

Two years ago, we were given one of the greatest gifts that God can give. We were chosen to be the parents of a precious little girl, Qing Cheng Le. I still get "teary eyed" as I reflect back on that time,day, and moment. ... and wow, what a moment it was...

All I can say about it is that God seared my heart to hers the moment I held her in my arms. It was exactly the same as the day my boys were placed in my arms. I knew from that moment on that she was mine. All of my mothering instincts took control. I wanted to protect her from everyone and everything. It was as if it were she and I alone...there was a lot of activity in the room, our dear friends had their baby girl, Brad was at my shoulder and Nolan was on the other side of me...but it was Mia and I facing the world. My one regret is that I lost track of sharing this very moment with my husband. It still makes me sad to this day that I clung so tightly to Mia that Brad didn't get to hold her, and that we have no pictures of daddy and his girl at that special moment. I honestly don't think anything could have separated her from my arms at that moment or for the several hours following.
Princess Mia has filled our house with sweetness, compassion, laughter and love. She is truly a princess of our Lord. She can light up a room the minute she walks into it. She loves to talk, to laugh, to sing and to dance. All she has to do is smile, and she melts the heart of all the "men" in our house. Her brothers think she was given to them alone. I have to admit that she still makes my heart turn to melted butter everytime she says,"Mommy,I love you." God continues to grow our love with an intensity and fierceness that fills my heart and her daddy's with such joy.
How can you ever put into words just how amazing this gift from God is... just how amazing this... journey of our hearts ?

We love you sweet princess, Mia, and we are so very glad that God chose us for you!!


Momma Hen said...

What a joy and blessing to be part of your life and to have such fond memories of the Father setting you into your family two years ago.
You are such a sweet girl and we are honored to be such a special part of your life!
Miss Tami, Mr Chris, Ashleigh, Austin, Amy-Hui and Anna

Kimi said...

Your princess is beautiful!! I loved your post...God is so GOOD and he blesses so richly.


connie said...

Congratulations on 2 years home. Princess Mia is so beautiful, and you are so blessed (but you already knew that). Love~ The Johnsons