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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Mia!

Just how many kids can you fit in one pool?

Water Balloon fun...the kids had fun trying to get the grownups wet!
Blowing Bubbles... This is great progress for Mia... Her speech therapist and she have been working hard on this step More Bubble Fun with Friends...

I am going to blow these bubbles .... Don't you just love the cake...haha... We had to improvise. Our Walmart(really the only place in town to get cakes) didn't have a Disney Mermaid cake, and mom searched for any type of mini sized Mermaid stuff(no luck). So, we had them make an "ocean cake", and daddy found a Barbie Mermaid. The "ocean cake" was supposed to be minus the Nemo...but who listens anymore?Mia was having great fun opening all of her presents...she wanted to take "forever" and savor each one as she opened them. What an exciting day... she had her birthday party in the early morning and then in the afternoon, her best friend(and orphanage sister) came for a visit. They are BFF's all the way... and aren't they just beautiful?
Can you tell which one is which?

Today is our baby girl's birthday. She really isn't such a baby anymore. She has changed so much from the frightened little girl who joined our family a little over two years ago to a strong, confident, funny, happy, precious little girl. What a blessing she is to our family... and such a JOY!!

We celebrated her birthday yesterday with a "Little Mermaid" party. We set up kiddie swimming pools, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk (and water balloons). The kids had a good time just playing outside, and the grownups enjoyed visiting with one another. Have I said lately how much of a blessing it is to have our new house? It was wonderful to have the space outdoors to set up the party and to enjoy being outdoors most of the day. We were able to make use of our covered patio area for the cake and ice cream time. It was easy setting it up, and cleaning it up after we were done.


Jill and Rick said...

Mia, thank you for inviting us to your party! We had a lot of fun!


Ashlie, Allie and Annie

Momma Hen said...

Happy Birthday Amelia Renee!
We love you like crazy, sweetheart!!!
Mr Chris, Ms Tami, Ashleigh, Austin, Amy-Hui, Anna and Abraham!

blessedbeyondmeasure said...

:) I just love that picture of the girls....our Qing Cheng hot and spicy precious they are! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET MIA!

Ms Wendy