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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mandy's Surgery...Phase III

Pre Surgery..

Post Surgery... Phase I
Post Surgery....PhaseII

Mandy will have Phase III of her ear surgery tomorrow. As we are trying to conserve money and resources, Brad and Mandy will go down to Little Rock , and the other kiddos and I will stay at home. I really don't like sending them off without me, but it can get rather expensive to stay in hotels(with 6 kiddos, we now have to take 2 rooms),eat out and of course the travel. The other kiddos have nothing to do as we wait at the hospital, and so, it works out better to keep them at home. We will finish this weeks school and wait anxiously for daddy's calls to update us on her progress.
Phase III of her surgery will be a day surgery; however, it will be a little more intensive. The doctor told us that they will remove some cartilage from the right ear to help build the left. This surgery will take a bit longer than the second, but not as long as Phase I. She is a bit nervous, and excited about what it will look like. She is counting down the number of surgeries until the reconstruction is complete. Would you please remember her in your prayers?...and the surgeons?
We certainly appreciate all your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers.
I'll give an update when I hear from Brad tomorrow...


connie said...

Your family is in my prayers. I look forward to an update soon. Love you~

Jill and Rick said...

Kim, you know that Mandy and her entire surgical team and the rest of your family will be in our prayers. Send Mandy some love from all of us!



Kimi said...

I just wrote a long message and I may have lost it...It was all just rambling anyway!

I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying!

Love you,

tinacornelison said...

Praying for Mandy and your family.