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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Levi!

Levi is a totally, terrific dude! We have been so amazed at the progress that Levi has made since joining our family. In the last six months, we have seen Levi grow 2 sizes, and we have seen him make so many changes both physically and socially. He fits so well with all of our kiddos. Levi is "all boy" and keeps us on our toes as he is into everything,is scared of nothing, and loves adventure. He is very athletic and a sports enthusiast. He is thrilled to be playing "my tball" as he refers to it. One of his favorite times of the day is when Nolan(bubba) will wrestle with him. He loves to play any sport that he can get his brothers to join in the fun. He loves being outdoors, and if the weather is good will spend hours riding his scooter and bike. We have discovered that Levi has a love for music,and the amazing thing is that God knew that Levi belonged with our family. Music is so much a part of us... we have all kinds of music playing all day,the boys play instruments, Brad sings(even if he won't), and the girls love dance. We find joy in hearing Levi sing...he sings all the time(sometimes we have no idea what he is singing, but he sings).Mia and he put on many performances for the family. Who knows...maybe someday he and his brothers will form a band, and he will be the lead singer.
Then there is his laugh...well it is hard to describe...he has a "belly" laugh that is most contagious. Whenever he starts laughing, everyone around cannot avoid joining in the merriment and soon everyone is laughing. Oh,...and HIS SMILE... It is a smile that just lights up a room almost as if a thousand light bulbs were set off. One thing is for certain, his smile can turn this momma's heart to butter.
Levi is my sweet,cuddly teddy bear. I love the wonderful hugs he gives and enjoy snuggling with him before he goes to bed. He often ask for Brad or I to rock him and sing to him before he goes to sleep. God has blessed us with this precious gift, and we love him so very much!
Happy Birthday, my sweet baby boy!!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday Levi!
from your friend Tyler

Jill and Rick said...

Happy Birthday Levi!! Kim, this post is a beautiful tribute to your special boy.


One of Us said...

Happy birthday Levi! He is one adorable little boy!

Kimi said...

I hope your birthday was TERRIFIC!

You are a very special little!

I love you Levi and your precious precious family!