For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Whole Bunch of Nothing

Levi's Trains...using his gift card,he selected another piece to add to his set. Sporting his new haircut...Doesn't he look adorable?
Mandy used her gift card to add a baby carrier to her doll collection...Garrett's new handsome as ever! Can you see his "pesky" little sister in the background?... She can be very "ornery" at times.
Nate's new haircut... He looks so cute with his haircut short,but he doesn't like to have his picture taken.
Nolan doesn't like being in pictures that much either...but he was actually sitting still when we snapped this pic.
Our Memorial Day weekend was filled with a whole bunch of nothing...or maybe something?. We had a great Friday evening at the ball park. Nate's team was playing, and the kiddos did so well. Everyone was paying attention, playing hard and doing their very best. Nate was so excited because he actually hit the ball and made it around the bases. They won the game and wow,what a happy bunch of boys! We are so thrilled to see the progress they are making as a team. Saturday was devoted to some yard work,baseball practice for the big boys, and then a trip into town. Three of the four boys got haircuts, and we had a fun time shopping at the toy store. Mandy and Levi both had gift cards to spend and found just the right toy. The kids wanted to have some chicken wings, and daddy treated them to dinner at the wing place in town. It was yummy, and there was a toss up as to who ate the most. Sunday was church day and we spent the day just hanging out as a family. It was promotion Sunday for the younger kids, and Mandy was so excited to be moving with lots of her friends to the Pre teen room(3rd-6th grade). After lunch and naps, we took the kids to a local park where they played and played. We came home for an indoor picnic and watermelon, a favorite at our house. Monday was devoted to more yard work(for daddy and the boys). Mom spent the day sorting through closets,organizing Spring clothes, and straightening the house a bit. We had the privilege of attending a birthday party for one of the players on N&G's baseball team. His mom and dad are so sweet. We enjoyed hamburgers,hot dogs and even some Philippino food...and of course birthday cake...boy oh boy, was there ever a ton of yummy food! We were treated like royalty and the kiddos were beyond spoiled before we left. We returned home in the evening to finish up as many of the yard task and household task that we could before time for bed. Wow,maybe it wasn't a whole lot of nothing after all!


Jill and Rick said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me, Kim! The boys are so handsome with their fresh haircuts too.

Kimi said...

Your crew looks so good sporting their new dos.

Hey I thought about you the other day...I went into a scrapbook store called Scrappy K's have you ever heard of it before? It is really good!!! I think you need to come on down and I can take you there and we can have a scrapbook party and crop the night away. I can't think of another person I would rather crop with than you


Susan said...

Looks like a bunch of fun nothing! Nice summer cuts. Congratulations Nate on your win!
The Fredericks