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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let's Dance

Our little ballerina...she was in her "element"... loving to perform
Their dance was to the song "Zip a dee doo dah", and the girls even had to march onto stage on cue... Mia was just having fun
Daddy gave the girls roses after their performance...

Our "Prima" ballerina... just lovely... Her ballet was to the song "Castle on the Clouds" from Les Miserable

Tap class presented Mandy with the most challenges. She has been worried for the last week that she would forget or mess up on the steps... it was a bit difficult for all the girls on rehearsal night; however, Mandy put in a near perfect performance on recital night.

The big day(days) arrived for the girls. It was their Dance Recital, the culmination of an entire year of practice and hard work. The girls and I went to their Dress Rehersal on Thursday. Dress Rehersal can sometimes be aggravating and a bit boring as it drags on and on for almost 5 hours during the evening prior to Recital. We actually enjoyed the evening, and we were able to turn it into a girls night out. Mia danced first in the "pre-show" and then we had a couple of hours before Mandy had to be back for her dance, so the girls and I went out to dinner. It was a special time that we could talk and share stories, and Momma even got a special glimpse of what was on the girls hearts and what their special dreams are for the future.
On Friday, we had fun visiting with my mom(Nana) and my Aunt (who made a special trip up to see the girls dance) before getting the girls "dressed up" for the show. We were in for a treat as the whole recital turned out beautifully. The director (Mandy's teacher) and the co-director(Mia's teacher) worked hard to produce a wonderful show. You could tell that many hours had been devoted to the performances and many more hours to teaching a love of dance to many young people in our community. Our girls danced their hearts out, and we were amazed to see all the progress they have made over the past year. We look forward to next years dance classes. Mandy has been invited to dance in the junior dance competition team. It is quite an honor, and we are praying about accepting the invitation. It requires some travel, a bit more expense, and a lot more time. Mandy's teacher says that she has "dancing in her bones", and after seeing her ballet performance, I so believe it! Mandy asked me which routine I liked better...I couldn't choose... her ballet "rehersal" performance was so beautiful that it made me cry, and her tap performance on recital night made me cry. ...I'm such a softie
Enjoy the pics....


Susan said...

The girls are beautiful! Wish we could have seen them dance. Next year we're coming!

Jill and Rick said...

Oh they are so beautiful Kim! I would love to see them dance too.


Kimi said...

Prima Ballerinas are in the HOUSE!

They both look beautiful...a little tooooo beautiful, Brad might want to get concerned or better yet get his gun ready :-).

Mandy is the picture of grace!

I too wish I could see them both dance.

YES....YES....YES...we will make the 4th are around the 4th work out! I look forward to seeing you guys...keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out. Email or call me when you know more details.


David and Sarah said...

Your girls look absolutely beautiful. You'll have to put a video on your blog sometime, if you can.