For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Busy,Busy Weekend

To say we have been busy is a bit of an understatement. We had made plans to return to our house when the Kkrew got out of school for Spring Break. So, on Thursday, our kiddos finished up their school in the morning and helped me get the house in order a bit along with helping do the piles of laundry that had amassed. We got almost everything washed before the Kkrew got off the bus. I had all the kiddos help me pack their stuff. Let me just share with you that we had some major fun packing up this group :)! I think we managed to get everything that belonged to our household packed and out of the Kkrew house. In addition, we got all the Kkrew out with at least 4 or 5 outfits, some undies, and some Pj's to sleep in. If we forgot things, we are just making due with what we have or what we can find. I have to wash everyday, we just keep the washing machine running all day long... or, so it seems. 
 Friday morning brought an early start for our road trip. We shoved in, pushed in, squeezed in and filled up every little space in our car with all the stuff we had to carry with us. Brad is a "master" car packer, and we were on the road only an hour later than planned... and yes, we got all eleven of the kiddos in too(I would never purposely leave uhh, forget anyone...even the teens). Traffic was a little on the heavy side all the way home...guess everyone was heading out for their Spring Break too. We arrived at our destination with little time to spare. Brad made a trip to pick up things needed, and then we headed to our church for a fundraising event.
G-baby put together a basketball tournament to benefit our Honduras mission trip. He had been working hard on it for about 4 months, and now we were at the weekend of the event. We are so proud of the maturity he has shown, and he is such a hard worker...planning every detail, gathering donations, calling people and trying to advertise. We helped where he needed us, but he did the majority by himself. We spent Friday afternoon setting up and waiting for the youth ages to show up. Unfortunately, Friday's event was a bust... not one person showed in the youth age group. So, we closed up and went home for the evening. Saturday morning, we faired a little better. We all went to help where we could. The entire team was there to help with some part of the 15 and older event. We had four teams play the tournament, and we made a little profit, but not a whole lot. G. was so optimistic and decided that this was just not meant to be the fundraiser to help our funds increase. It was a beautiful opportunity for him to learn and to grow with the grace of our Lord Jesus. 
Playing before the Teams arrive...

Making some fantastic shots

Coloring with Mandy

And there is always time for Lego adventures

Sassy girls

Just being beautiful

All the krew was there...they did beautifully throughout the event. They gave help where it was needed, and they watched some of the games. The whole event was over by Noon. We cleaned up, set up for church on Sunday, and then left to go find some food for lunch. We took the kiddos to Taco Bell. Taco Packs fed the majority and made many very happy. The next order of business was home to pay outside for a bit, then it was bath time and off to bed.
     Sunday morning arrived a lot earlier than expected... boy, I could have used a bit more sleep :)! The kiddos dressed in record time, and we got them all fed without delay. They are being so cooperative (all week)... I think I need to pinch myself to make sure it is real. Once again, we made it to church with a few (ok, 2) minutes to spare. The kiddos all took off for Children's Church while Brad and I took a sigh of relief. Not one call to come get one child or another... they all sincerely had a great time worshipping today. Like I said, I think I need to wake up from this crazy dream! All kidding aside, the kiddos just make me smile, and they really ALL get along so well! After church, we had pizza at home, and then everyone went outside to play. It was a glorious day! The weather was PERFECT! The kids just played to their hearts content. I took in a few rays, and then I had to return indoors to work on piles of laundry and teacher work...home school stuff that I had put aside from the previous week :( ! To be perfectly honest, my head and respiratory system thanked me...ugh, Allergies. The kids are in our basement playing some heated games of air hockey as I type this. Wonder if I leave them up a little later...if they will sleep later... yeah, I know...doubtful! The plans for tomorrow include a picnic to the park somewhere...stay tuned!
And this precious one has all the menfolk in our house hopelessly wrapped around her little finger!

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