For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Springtime Weather

Warmer weather meant that we could get out and explore. I took the crew to George Washington Carver's Homestead and Museum. We have been several times, but it never gets old. I love to walk the trails and take in the peaceful, serene surroundings. The kids and I started in the museum. They were naturally drawn to all the interactive exhibits, and we could have spent another hour in that area. We explored further and came upon an exhibit that displayed the creative activities from area school children. The exhibit showcased art in various forms: sculptures, diorama's, written essays, etc... . Surprisingly, after a brief warning to respect the other kids art, all of the crew enjoyed that exhibit a great deal!
Pretending to do Radio Interviews

Being a Radio Announcer

Learning about animal sounds


What is behind these letters?

Future Research Scientist ...perhaps?

Studying Plants

Next, we were off to explore the outdoors. We hit the walking trail and enjoyed the many sites and sounds that were around us. At one point, I had them all be completely still and quiet listening for sounds around them. It was fun to hear all their answers... and the highlight was when they heard cattle "mooing" in the distance. We found the house that GWC had grown up in and explored the grounds around it. They all wished that we could see the upstairs (which is blocked off from the public).
The entire Krew
Baby K-girlie is smitten or is it the other way around?

On the Trail

Getting tired...

Getting even more tired...

The prairie... it is beautiful in Spring, filled with beautiful flowers
 We then took the trail through the prairie which winds its way around to the cemetery (where the Carvers and their neighbor's are buried... GWC is buried in Tuskegee, Alabama). By this time, several kiddos were tired out and dragging...some others were needing the restroom. We headed back to the building and took a restroom break before heading home.
Restroom Break... some are very tired!

Synchronized Leg Lifts

 We got home just in time to eat Hot Dogs that Mr. Brad grilled for our lunch. After lunch, the crew couldn't resist the draw of Mr. Sun and spent a good portion of the afternoon outside playing. Then it was dinner time, and after dinner, we watched the Voice, our favorite show (sorry Connie, but we got your kids hooked...). We baked some cookies for a bedtime snack. When everyone was ready for bed, we had cookies & milk and read Charlotte's Web. There are lots of pictures of our adventure so, I will post them in two parts. Thanks for following along on our fun adventures. 

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