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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Does This Look Like Fun to You?

The Tornado has hit... winter and spring clothes for five kids.

Mia is supposed to be playing with her baby...
Nolan and Nate playing nicely together...
Mandy loves her sticker books...Can't I pleeeeeeeaaassseee help, mommy?Garrett is being the studious one... finishing his school work.

It seems as if a tornado has hit our house... it is rated a category 5. We made the decision to sell our home(well try to). It is been a crazy whirlwind of activity around here trying to get the house in showing order. The last 2 mornings have been spent working on the mounds of clothes my children have in their possession. I am trading the winter clothes for the spring/summer variety, and in addition I am sorting the "keepable" with the "throw aways". We are making a pile of garage sell things as well.
Since our weather was so beautiful today, the kids and I went outside to work on the front yard for a while. We raked up those leaves(**see Easter pictures), bagged them, and cleaned out flower beds. We will be sprucing them up somewhat with some mulch and flowers. I had all 5 of the kiddos outside helping, and they thought mom was a slave driver. I think I wore myself out before I tired them out.
We still have a lot to do, but we are seeing progress. Our bathroom redecorating is almost complete (I will post a picture when it is complete). I am making great progress on the decluttering; although I still must tackle that playroom. That is my project for the next two days....if you don't see another post soon,please call the toyroom rescue team(haha). I will take some before and after pictures and try to post my progress soon.

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Kimi said...

You are a busy little bee. I need to be spring cleaning, but it's not getting done. Maybe I can get some inspiration from you.

Have a good and productive weekend :-),
the other Kim