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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Breakfast with the Fab Fifteen

Funny Cereal Face (Can't help but love this cutie...MY BABY)

Boys, Boys, Boys...silliness extrodinaire!

Coco Crisp are a healthy breakfast,right?!

These are yummy!
Mealtime with fifteen is crazy at best...But after 13 days together, we have developed a system and it works! It is easiest to limit choices and to serve plates in an assembly line. Breakfast is slightly different, and I learned the hard way that the majority's breakfast of choice is waffles or cereal. (Yeah...made eggs, bacon and toast one breakfast...not many happy plates :)! ....even my kiddos who like the occassional big breakfast preferred cereal/waffles...makes it easier for me!...) 
Funny Story: We have had meals provided for us by the church...praising the Lord for His provision and for their generousity! Weekends have been my cooking days... I love to cook, but have to say it can be a bit difficult with bunches of kiddos needing my attention. It is difficult, as well, to find things that ALL will like (because,of course, " its not like momma's"). So, for Sunday lunch, I made beef stew using Beef Stew Meat, Carrots,Potatoes (my momma's recipe that has withstood the test of time and lots of  kiddos). It was a hit! Most of the kiddos ate it well, and they soped up the gravy with cornbread. One K~krew teen loved it a bit more than most...eating so much that he was miserable (2 huge, heaping bowls)! He kept going on and on about how good it was and how he enjoyed it! I am thinking he is just schmoozing me...!  However, yesterday (Monday) Brad was asking him something about food and being hungry. He said,"I am getting so fat... because of Ms Kim's food." To which  I replied, "No one has been forcing you to eat so much." His reply,"I know, but that "stuff", you know that "Stuff", you made yesterday. It is so good! It reminds me of China. It taste just like "Dog Meat"... Brad and I started laughing( we just couldn't help ourselves...). He said, "What?! It does! It taste just like dog-meat I had in China." Oh, Dear! It was meant as a compliment, I think!??!
Since, serving time went smoothly this morning, I was able to take some fun pics as they ate and played.
Legos, Oh how I love thee!! (many hours of entertainment!)

Have to chase these guys off the video games and outside...

The only kid of picture I get of Nate these days...

The Rock Star Breakfast...(not really her breakfast, but she loved aggravating the teen that it belonged to)

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connie said...

I love this ~ thank you!!! I'm really sorry about the analogy of your stew to dog meat, but please know it really was a compliment - ewwwwwww.