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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fabulous Fifteen

** I know there are a lot of pictures, but  I know a momma and daddy in China who need to see their precious babies and to know how they are doing. And. besides....who can resist looking at all those beautiful faces!**
 The Fabulous Fifteen are doing great! We have been "keeping busy" and having fun. We are finally getting in the grove of scheduling. It has been relatively simple and our homeschooling routine has fit right in the gaps of the KCrew's schedule. Our key to success has been divide and conquer. Early to rise...haha!... I am learning! I even got a shower and some bible study done before it was time to awaken the school crew, Hooray! We start with getting the school kids ready, fed and off to school. Then it is time to awaken the homeschool crew and the toddlers follow as they awaken on their own. We are usually schooling before they get up, but we are able to fit an outfit change and breakfast in during a break in the studies. The homeschool gang can hardly stand the wait for the KCrew to return from school and the Kcrew jumps right in to the excitement as soon as the bus drops them off afterschool. Brad has been taking those who want to the Billion/Gazillion  many softball and baseball games while many of us choose to stay behind at the house.
Our weekend was filled with things to entertain and keep all hands and minds active. We made it to church and only a few minutes late. The kids dispersed with lightning speed, and Brad and I made our way to Sunday School classes. We worshiped the Lord with an amazing group of believers,and then returned home for our lunch. (Ms Connie, I think I went too exotic on the meal: pork roast, wild rice, black-eyed peas, and hot applesauce were a bit too different for your kiddos... they ate the pork and left the rest....who knew?!) We finished dinner... the teens did the dishes. We played outdoors (the trampoline won the choice award), played Just Dance 4 (some pretty good dancers), made sugar cookies, ate Ms Connie's Chocolate Chip Cookies--Yummy! (and we saved the sugar cookies for another day), teens went to play basketball, the middles did homework,and the littles colored and played, prepared for the next school day, baths and into bed with them all,Whew!

Watching a Movie... Ms Connie, I did try to keep the house picked up, but that only lasted about 5 min.

Doing his "Homework"

Reading together...

Mr Brad helping K with her homework

Not sure what the teens are doing here, BUT it wasn't homework

The Little Girls love to color

Uh! Yeah!....Ms Connie's chocolate chip cookies gone in less than 15min.

Beautiful K rolling and cutting sugar cookies
Preciousness...coloring her "pidure"

Homeschool crowd...working hard on their lessons

She is very serious about her studies

Working hard and finishing his work

Diego on Netflix's is my our friend!!

Yes! Our teen will go to any lengths necessary to entertain the masses (it doesn't hurt that she is a cutie patootie)!

Afterschool Decorating of our Sugar cookies

She was having a great time "painting"her cookies... She is an artist!

Can you see the look on little K's face? She and Nate have buddied up. He loves her and she him!

And of course their is ALWAYS lots of this!!

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connie said...

OH MY GOODNESS, this is what I've been missing since our internet has been down! Ms. Kim, I don't know how you do it, girl! You are amazing! The kids look fantastic. I can't believe it's only been a few days...because I miss them so much! I love you, sister! And give an extra kiss to my Treasures, please!