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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Let's Try This Again...

Well, I keep trying to be better at posting on our blog, but our busy life just keeps getting in the way. There is a lot to share with you about the last few months, but for now,I will blog when I can about life as a mom (and substitute mom) to 15 children over the next 10 days or so. We are so honored that a very special family took us up on our offer to keep their 9 kiddos (#10 is living life on his own) while they make another trip to China to adopt their 11th child. We added to their Krew with our own 7 kiddos and well let's just say life with 16 kiddos is chaotic, crazy and a BLAST!! The downside is that I am quite busy to say the least, and may be hit or miss on blogging.
We have been a "family of 18" for a few days now. We have managed to get 6 kids ready and off to school, dressed,fed and entertained 3 toddlers and homeschooled the others. Today, we were excited to "sleep in"...umm, yeah...not possible with all these kids! So, a big Saturday breakfast was in order. We made tons of French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and cooked cinnamon apples. After Breakfast, we dressed 6 little ones,played Just Dance 4, painted a bunch of tiny little fingernails (it felt like 900 but in reality it was only 6 little girls and 60 fingers), took 11 kiddos to the movie and for ice cream while most of the teens opted for bowling, gave billions of baths (really only 8), fixed dinner and got the Krew fed, and now all but the teens are in bed. Tomorrow, I AM looking forward to rising before the sun comes up...I AM! Yes I am, I am!....trying to convince myself here... as this momma is not an early morning person. There are several more showers to be taken (namely the teens) because we overtaxed the hot water heater tonight. We have several princesses that will need help with their bows and gowns for church.  There will be a lot of coaxing yelling  at the  teens to get up, get showered and ready in order to make it to church on time. Lunch will need to be prepared and on to cook while we are at church, and somewhere in there, this momma will find a little time to get ready. Never a dull moment!  Did I mention that the washer, dryer and dishwasher run almost around the clock?  One thing is for sure ... Momma's of large family's are AMAZING ladies! If you are ever in need of fantastic organizing and multitasking skills, just call on one of them!!
In all of the chaotic, sane and not so sane, mess, there is lots of fun, love and "familyness". It is a marvel to watch as all these kiddos interact with one another. I love to watch them as they pair up with their playmates/siblings and just enjoy being little children. The house is full of noise, laughter(tons of giggles), and singing. Oh How I love being a mom to many!
Praising the Lord for wonderful, terrific, beautiful children and the LOVE of large families! We look forward to our continued adventures over the next 10 days or so, and we hope that you will enjoy following along.
If you like adoption stories (like I do), you can follow this families journey to bringing baby K home at
As I reread my blog, it seemed to me that my words could be interpreted as bragging. That was never my intention! I am in awe of the way moms of many operate their homes and family (and Ms Connie is AMAZING at this!...and she works outside her home as well). I am learning so many things to take home with me about organizing and maintaining sanity amongst the chaos. Further, I am sure that all moms (especially of large numbers of kids) do all that they can do only by the strength of our Lord Jesus. It is All for His Glory!


connie said...

You are amazing! Please leave your cape for me! Loving you all the way from China!!!

connie said...

You are amazing!!! Can you leave your cape for me?!? Love you!

Jill and Rick said...

Awesome job, Kim and Brad! I'll keep your household in my prayers, along with Connie, Clayton and Khloie in China!


Mother's Heart said...

Holy are an amazing mom. I am still reeling with the thought of 60 tiny fingers to paint.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Connie and family are ABUNDANTLY BLESSED to have you as friends.

When we headed to Ghana to adopt 3 children, we had to leave our 8 youngest HOME ALONE for a MONTH. Yes. We. Did. No Grandparents. No Aunts & Uncles. No friends. NOT ONE PERSON stepped in to help. We left 21 year old brother in charge of 7 younger siblings. 21 year old was working 2 jobs (and homeschooling the younger kids) . . . for a MONTH.

Oh what we would have done to have friends that would have stepped up to help.

THANK YOU for "being there" for my sweet Bloggy Friend Connie!

mama of 12