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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Final Days with the Fab Fifteen

Well, as you can imagine, the final days with the Fab Fifteen were busy days or at least filled with activity. The kiddos spent much of Spring Break playing outside, riding bikes, exploring in the forest and many hours of play with Legos. They continued to enjoy each other's company so very much. It is difficult to explain how well they do get along...God orchestrated for sure!
In addition,we took a trip to town for hamburgers at our favorite place, Freddies, and then we braved the big "W" store with all fifteen. I dislike that place, especially when taking my kids there. I can't explain why exactly, except to say, it is always super stufffed with items and super crowded. Trying to manuever around the store and keep all my chicks with me and out of people's way becomes a monumental task at times(or so it feels). Anyway, the thought of taking 15 had me a little stressed. ln actuality, it turned out to be easy thanks to each teen taking some of the smaller ones and going off to explore. A few stayed with Brad and I, as we were shopping for birthday party supplies. I still managed to forget a few things that I had wanted to pick up but nothing "earth-shattering". The kids were well behaved, and no one asked for anything (which my kids usually drive me crazy with even though it never works). Most importantly, we left Walmart with all fifteen kiddos.  
Princess Kennah's birthday was Wednesday, and so we thought it would be fun for all of us to have a mini-celebration. We knew that she would celebrate when mom and dad returned;however, we thought it would be a fun activity for all the kids. Anything to keep them busy, and everyone loves a party. The birthday girl requested a princess party. We honored that request with a "princess" theme. After a birthday dinner, the party began. We had to pretend to "blow out"the candle (because that was one of the things I forgot). Everyone was ready to dig into the cake and ice cream, and Little K was very excited about opening her presents. She was surrounded by lots of helpers, but she managed to get the gifts open much to her delight. Her smile brought happiness and was all the thanks anyone could need. She was(is) a beautiful princess indeed!
Princess Cake for a Princess

Opening presents

A Princess Doll for a Beautiful Princess 

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