For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Interesting Conversation

Kind of weird... but yes, another comversation...
We were given a terrific gift of a Sam's Club membership by some dear friends. What a blessing for our large family. So, yesterday evening Brad, the kids, and I went to get the membership cards and do some shopping. Our kiddos went a little hyper on us when they saw all the cool things there...must admit I was pretty excited myself. We did our shopping and then went to checkout. Our checker was a young man of Asian ethnicity. The conversation went something like this:
Young Man,"Hello, How is your evening?"
Young Man."How was Christmas?"
Us,"Very nice"
Young Man,"How many kiddos do you have? Are they adopted?"
Us, "We have six children,3 are adopted and 3 bio".
Young Man,"I am adopted as well".
Me,"Where were you born?"
Young Man,"Seoul South Korea".
Brad and I, "Cool"
Young Man,"Where are your kiddos from?"
Young Man, " I so hope that I can adopt one day. Is it getting any easier to adopt?"
Us,"No not really and the cost seem to be rising; however, we learned that God will always provide a way."
Young Man,"You are so right","I think it is terrific that you guys have adopted"
Us,"We are the ones blessed"
Young Man,"Are these two brother and sister?"(refering to Mia and Levi)... UGH!!!
Brad,"They are Now!" to which the young man grins sheepishly and then says
"Well yes, I meant were they biologically related."
Brad,"No, they are from the same region in China though."
We are finished checking out and the young man says"I hope to see you guys when you come shopping again."
The young man had a completely different attitude from the other adoptee(the young waiter from the previous conversation). Although, he didn't elaborate, he seemed secure and happy about his being adopted... I could have "picked his brain" for several hours,but there was a little thing called "his job".
To show how "aware" Mandy is... she then started the conversation with her daddy(I didn't hear it, but Brad told me later)about why people always ask if they are adopted.
Oh, Mandy girl...!! Brad does such a super job of talking things through with her... I can tell we will have to continue to be prepared...
Really, How strange is it that within a 4 day period.... we would have two almost opposite conversations with two older adoptees?!... and even they aren't "informed" on the proper "adoption speak"... The way I see it, maybe we should pay the most attention to showing our kiddos that God has planned their lives and that HE loves them and He set them in their families.


Kim said...

Amen and Amen to your last sentence!


Chris said...

My friend would call this second adoption conversation-'a kiss on the cheek from God'-. How great that God took your discouragement from your last conversation and encouraged you with this young man. Just last week I had an adopted teenager tell me that she was going to adopt when she gets married. How great to see those positive attitudes! Keep your eyes on God!

Jill and Rick said...

What a perfectly timed encounter.


p.s. We got our Sam's membership from our daughter Kristi last year and loved it! Time to renew!