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Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Traditions

1)the handing down of statements,beliefs,legends,customs,information,etc.,from generation to generation
2) something handed down
3) a long-established or inherited way of thinking or acting

I was thinking about our family "holiday traditions". Do we really have set traditions? What are the things that we enjoy handing down to our children?
I don't know about you , but there are some years that the holidays seem to sneek up on me a lot faster than others. Thus, I find myself trying to "keep up", to get it all done, to make it "the best ever" Christmas, and you know what?... it sometimes just doesn't get done! Over the last few years, I have been trying to focus more on what Christmas means and less on getting things done. I have to tell has made life a lot simpler and my children more focused on the true meaning of Christmas.
So, once again I ask myself about our traditions and about what it is I want to pass down to my children. The most important tradition, in our home, is to remember the birth,life and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Other traditions just seem to fall into place around that...
We have several very simple decorating the house inside and out, watching the well loved Christmas movies and shows, cookie making/decorating, etc...
There are several new traditions that I wish to begin...gotta just do it... like serving at a food pantry/kitchen to help feed the hungry, spending more time with friends(just enjoying friendship... no party planning needed), and many more.
I would love to here about traditions that you all might have in place at your home. Would you share some of your favorites? ...and maybe a tradition that you would like to start?

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